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Faced with the decision to launch a web project, choosing the most ideal Content Manager (CMS) is a real headache. In this case, WordPress is one of the strongest alternatives in the market. That is why; both small and large entrepreneurs prefer to use this platform when designing their site. The reason is very wide, so we mention more details throughout this post.

What is a CMS?

A CMS is a very popular term in the web design and development market, it refers to the Content Management System. Even though it is a very popular topic, it may still seem unknown to many people. A CMS is nothing more than an application or web platform that lightens the generation and publication of content.

It is a simpler alternative to attend tasks as essential as content marketing. Since it does not demand great technical skills for handling. It is not necessary to get involved with codes or design a website from scratch. It is a prototype application that already brings together the essential aspects on a page, it is only a matter of adapting the desired content.

Reasons to choose WordPress over other CMS

In the CMS market there are different options that could be considered attractive, practical and easy. However, WordPress is preferred by everyone, even by great designers with numerous websites. We tell you the reasons why it is a better option:

Is free

So is! This platform is open source. So you can download it, install it and adapt it to your mode without paying. Of course, if you need premium features, you will have to make a disbursement. However, what the free version offers you is more than enough to start developing your project. So you can use this Content Manager to create any website based on your specific needs and requirements.

It is very easy to use

The fact that WordPress is one of the most commonly used CMS infers in one thing: it is good, free and easy to use. As we mentioned before, the developers of this platform wanted to design an option that did not demand great technical skills to use. Thus they provided a fresh new option to respond to that market group that did not have a platform adapted to its profile. And it is that the period of adaptation to this application is very short, its functions are simple and very useful.

Therefore, you can start using it without having prior knowledge of web design, much less programming languages. This platform is very flexible and versatile; the plugins it possesses have given it simplicity and ease.

Supports different formats

Fortunately, WordPress not only focuses on the development of web articles, but you can also add videos, photos, audios, social media comments, and much more. Their plugins are diverse, extensive and really useful. Therefore, this platform is ideal for adapting complete content marketing with its different formats.

It is safe

Keeping the relevance of their plugins, there are also options to ensure the security of your website. The best thing is that these types of applications are updated continuously without the need for you to do it yourself. In addition, this platform is constantly being updated, so you will keep your website up to date with the latest market trends. And we cannot fail to mention that you will have free autonomy of your information, that is, you are the sole owner of your data. So they will not be blocked by the system. And you can leave the platform whenever you want, migrating your information to another system without extra charges.

Complements an SEO strategy

One of the main advantages of WordPress is that it is an excellent alternative to implement your SEO strategy. Since their templates are optimized and their plugins are also in favor of web positioning. So it will be easier to locate your site among the first places of the results thrown by the search engine. In addition, this platform consumes few server resources thanks to the optimization of database queries, file uploads, among other benefits.