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Are you in the process of optimizing WordPress and are you considering a CDN for WordPress? Does your website, blog or online store have traffic that comes from various parts of the world? Would you like to improve the experience of any user (wherever it comes from) with a good loading speed and a high degree of security? You are in the right place! A CDN is a technology that allows you to cache static content (images, videos, pdfs, CSS, JavaScript’s, etc.) on servers located in data centers around the world, which makes the delivery of those files faster, for what your website is faster. In this guide I want to explain what a CDN consists of, the best CDN services for WordPress and how to configure it.

Internet activity around the world has grown exponentially as a result of the COVID19 health crisis, becoming an opportunity for owners of web spaces who can see their visibility increased and, therefore, also their conversions and sales. When a user enters your website, many things happen but, above all, a series of critical files have to be downloaded so that the web appears as you have designed it. The normal thing is to have a normal web hosting (or a specific web hosting for WordPress) in a single point of the world (in the country that is), so those files, wherever that user is, have to downloaded from the same site.

The idea behind the Content Delivery Network is just that, to create a Content Distribution Network, with which you make an exact copy of those files on many servers around the world, so that they are delivered to the user from the servers closest to him. geographically (and not from the server that hosts the web). What do we get out of this? Well, it is very clear! Velocity! With the objective of online business focused on the international market, in this guide I will explain in detail what a CDN is, its advantages, the best CDNs for WordPress and how to configure this technology on your website.

What is CDN, how does it work and what is it for?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a set of servers or computers that are distributed throughout the world and that allow the content generated on the website of one country to be viewed in another efficiently through the Internet. It is, therefore, a wide international content distribution network especially useful for those website owners who, for example, have information created in Spain but most of their traffic comes from America.

So how does a CDN work? Very easy! When a user enters a url, the closest physical server shows the desired data at high speed because it takes a much shorter journey. If the space did not have this service installed, the route from the user’s area to the area where the web page is registered would be much longer and, therefore, it would take longer to load all its contents, causing a very high bounce rate than would, in turn, affect the conversion rate.

The contents that the CDN stores are the so-called static files, that is, the multimedia elements and the CSS scripts. It is best recommended that its size be reduced as much as possible beforehand using a WordPress optimization service to achieve better results, but it is true that it is sometimes a difficult task due to the number of elements of the versatile multipurpose templates. If you already have a theme with these characteristics, don’t worry, your loading speed with a CDN will be very optimal. However, if you are thinking of creating a blog or creating an online store, I recommend selecting one of the quick WordPress themes to get better results.

Outstanding advantages of using a CDN in your WordPress

The use of a CDN or content distribution network has increased notably in recent years not only due to the increase in the rate of organic or other traffic from other countries but also due to the benefits it provides to a WordPress space. Next, I will show you a list of the main advantages of using a CDN so that you are aware of its importance:

  • Increase loading speed: This is the most important benefit, especially since poor performance has become one of Google’s penalty factors. Regardless of whether your space is a blog or an online store, that the contents are displayed quickly is a very important element to ensure that users are satisfied with the space and, therefore, achieve a better ranking and a good SEO positioning.
  • Eliminate geographical barriers: All web pages receive traffic from other geographical points to a lesser or greater extent. Previously accessing a space from another area was a heavy and difficult task due to the enormous loading times. As a consequence, only a small percentage of foreign users visited native pages. However, thanks to the development of CDNs this no longer happens. All users at an international level can enjoy the content in an optimal way and, therefore, with good digital marketing strategies, leads from anywhere in the world can be captured.
  • Reduces economic costs: The use of CDN significantly minimizes the economic investment since we will not have to increase the size of the WordPress hosting that we have hired because the server provides a large space at a low cost. Many of the tools have personalized plans, so don’t worry if your business has certain characteristics. The savings will not only occur for your pocket but also for the user: it will reduce bandwidth and improve its functionality, two aspects that you will greatly value.
  • Provides security: By hiring servers installed in different countries, the chances of being attacked increase significantly. At the international level, the most frequent are usually DoS or DDoS. This type of attack consists of carrying out a multitude of malicious requests on a server to crash it and make the web page fall. Its ability to affect spaces has meant that all CDN services have incorporated the TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 standards   as well as HTTPS protocols that aim to mitigate them and guarantee maximum protection.