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In recent years, content marketing has been booming: it has now become a must for any marketer, as the expression “content is king” sums up quite well.

Impossible in 2020 to embark on the creation of a website and boost its SEO without a solid content marketing strategy. 

We tell you why in this article, by sharing some keys to success!

What is content marketing?

Let’s go back to the basics: content marketing consists of producing and making available to your customers or prospects useful and / or fun content, with high added value. These contents can be of different forms (texts, infographics, videos) and are intended to make your company known and promoted to Internet users.

For example, by regularly publishing in-depth reports or infographics on a subject that affects your field of activity, you not only position yourself as an expert in your field, but you also serve Internet users by providing them with relevant information. quality!

Why are SEO and content marketing related?

Too often, we tend to separate SEO from content marketing by drawing a line between the technical aspects that allow a site to be well referenced, and the communication aspect inherent in content marketing. It is true that SEO still encompasses many technical elements: quality of the computer code used to build the site, URL structure, page loading time, HTTPS certificate, responsive design, to name a few. However, no SEO strategy worthy of the name without content marketing!

Content marketing makes you use your keywords

You’ve read it over and over again: no SEO without keywords. Keywords are the famous expressions typed into Google by an Internet user who performs a search. If your site has these keywords, you will have a chance to be identified by Google and appear in the search engine results. However, regularly producing quality content related to your field of activity will necessarily lead you to use your keywords. Each article on your blog will be an opportunity for you to use your lexical field, to be better identified by Google and therefore to climb in SEO.

🔎 Be careful, this only applies to really qualitative articles. Follow the advice of the experts at our SEO agency in Rennes: write because you have interesting information or expertise to share, and write an article of at least 500 words, knowing that articles of 1000 words or more are better positioned (there is no maximum length, as long as you are pleasant to read and provide information without being repetitive)

Content marketing earns you backlinks

A backlink, or inbound link, is a link that another site will make to one of the pages on your site. In general, the more quality backlinks your site has, the better you will rank on Google because it is a signal that you have authority in your domain (as proof, other sites are talking about you!).

To obtain these famous backlinks, two solutions (which are not incompatible with each other):

  • You publish high added value content on your own blog, which you will then relay around you and share via your networks. With a little luck, your content will be popular and will be relayed by other bloggers or sites!
  • You can also set up a real guest blogging strategy: you will contact bloggers or referral sites in your field of activity to suggest that they publish an article on their site that you will write for them. As you can see, the article will include a backlink to your own site.

🔎 Be careful, for them to accept, your content must on the one hand be extremely qualitative and bring real added value to your partner’s site. Offer to write on a subject that will interest its readers and if necessary, use the outline of the article. On the other hand, your content must be unique, because beware of duplicate content: you will never publish an identical article on different sites!

Obtaining backlinks therefore requires producing content with consistency and quality, but the game is worth the effort!

Content marketing forces you to keep your site alive

What would you think of a store whose window and shelves have not changed at all for 3 years? You wouldn’t particularly want to visit it. It’s the same on the internet, Google favors in its algorithm sites that are updated regularly, because it is a sign of quality.

Be careful, this does not mean that you have to redo your web design every 6 months! On the other hand, consider having a constantly updated site. Content marketing will allow you to keep your site alive: by consistently producing articles or videos, you will be required to publish them on your site and update your blog regularly. So many good signals that you will send to Google!