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Each New Year counts on dozens and dozens of aspects that condition each one of the forms of action of all the sectors of the market. As is logical, ours requires taking a look to know, among many other things, which industrial sectors received more cyber attacks in 2018 , and since Vitc is what we will tell you today.

Industrial cyber attacks, a fashion that grows

Indeed, the industry, which is modernizing and starting to use more and better digital resources and, especially, Internet connections, is receiving the bulk of the attacks via the network.

We have that the industrial control systems or ICS of the companies that make up the energy sector have been attacked by 38.7% this last semester of the year 2018. They are followed by engineering and integration networks with 35.3%. The following figures calculate percentages between 26% and 30% with presence and sectors such as food, pharmaceutical or transport.

They may seem like figures, but they suppose that almost 4 out of 10 ICS in the energy sector have been attacked in some way, and that is saying a lot.

On the other hand, taking into account the growth of the attacks, the highlighted sector is construction, with 31.1% more attacks in the second half of the year compared to the first. Only transport and logistics suffer from this kind of having a second semester more movidito than the first in terms of cyber attacks.

The systems of the industries of the education sector were attacked by 44% in the first half of the year, something to consider, being above the energy sector, although, during the second semester the attacks were considerably reduced, being attacked less than 3 systems for every 10. Other sectors that ran a similar “luck” were the software ICS and the food and drink.

In the electricity grids we have a sector with the largest number of affected equipment because their systems gather many connected equipment, in addition to a high exposure to threats.

Other interesting facts about cyber attacks to the industry in 2018

Finally, we would like to finish by commenting on some other interesting information about how cyber attacks have been to the industry this past year .

  • Internet is the main source of infection, with more than 20% of attacks carried out by this means.
  • The most attacked countries in this aspect are Vietnam, Algeria, Morocco, Indonesia and China. Of these countries, the attacked teams have been more than half of those that have been used in the industries, reaching values, even, of 69.6% in the worst case.
  • In Europe and North America the worst results of blocking network attacks are recorded.
  • One of each ICS system became a bot of a network from which commands were executed remotely.