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It is time to take into account the social impact of apps

The world is changing around smartphones and mobile technology.

Since 2007 the trend of the whole world has centered around Smartphones and their functionalities. These small devices accompany us at all hours and are possibly by far the electronic devices that we use the most during the day. This trend is called the Smartphone era and it also has advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and very dark shadows, so stopping to think about the social impact of mobile applications is something that we should all do.

Apps have changed the way we move around the city thanks to maps and their integration with services such as the subway, bus, or taxis. Lots of business opportunities, jobs, new avenues of sale, promotion, and thousands of Startups focus on online services where the social impact of smartphones is evident and becomes a working tool that is present at all hours. They have changed the way we communicate, going from short text messages or calls to being able to broadcast our lives 24 hours a day.

Through social networks, which will be the first point we cover, we manage to connect with the people around us in different ways and with very different objectives. There are social networks to find work, find people who share our hobbies, and even find your better half.

Most young people have one or more profiles on social networks and are not aware of the dangers that can be encountered or the harm they can cause to other individuals. A specific joke, spread through likes, comments, and publications can become a real nightmare for the purpose of the same. Behind a screen and anonymously anyone is brave, this is one of the reasons why harassment and bullying in many educational centers do not stop growing.

On the other hand, and as we have just said, being totally anonymous on the internet or adopting false profiles can be anyone, and crimes such as cyberbullying, cyber kidnapping, and other forms of intimidation and perversion have shown the worst use that a person can make of these apps. Young people commit too quickly to anyone, taking a trust that does not exist and allowing themselves to be fooled by people who will use all their resources to subdue the novice Internet user blinded by a false reality.

They also affect the way we understand our surroundings or carry out all kinds of tasks, so the influence and social impact of mobile applications can occur throughout our environment. They help us to carry out day-to-day tasks more easily and efficiently in addition to communicating, which influences both the way we work and the personal relationships we develop and that is why the impact of mobile applications in society is so big.

Thanks to mobile business solutions, a small business can reach a larger audience in an innovative way and become a reference, or a large multinational can manage all its tasks or the work of its employees in real time.

At a Mobile application development company, we take these factors into account to improve both the use of your mobile solution and its influence once published. There are apps for everything and if not, it is your opportunity to create something new and meet a need. The social impact of mobile applications is real and only you decide whether to contribute positively to the sector in which you want to specialize. Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation through our form and we will respond as soon as possible.