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It is true that to be able to create an effective landing to segment users you need a good form, but it is not everything. A landing page is made up of different elements that are in charge of driving the visitor to take action. If you want to know what they are, keep reading this information:

1.- Attractive title

As in a news item, email, or a blog post, it is essential to have a good title. This will be the one that welcomes the user and if it is not attractive, it will not capture their attention. You have to make it clear from the beginning what you are offering on the page, since it will depend on whether they give you, their data.

Create a striking but simple title, capable of reflecting the purpose of your page. Let him know the type of content that you will offer him once he completes the information on the form. Don’t offer him something you won’t give him, make a real offer to win a customer.

2.- Simple content

Take into account that a landing page is not a blog that must be full of information. In this case, you only have to put what is fair and necessary, both in images and in text. It is recommended that you use simple and short phrases that convey the message you want.

Do not forget to explain to the visitors the benefits they will obtain by giving you, their data. Think that no one will give you their personal information for free, so make them an attractive offer. And you can use small testimonials from satisfied customers to build more trust.

3.- Add CTAs

A landing page without a call to action would not make sense, since the objective is precisely for the visitor to take a specific action.

Therefore, you have to design attractive buttons and texts that invite clicks. In fact, this CTA could be in the same form, so you will easily get the data.

4.- Audiovisual material

Currently, people prefer to watch and listen to read, so you can add an explanatory video to your landing. Rest assured that you will get a higher conversion rate.

It is about making the content more interactive to improve the user experience. In addition, it is ideal to show the benefits in a more real way.

5.- Forms

Are you looking for the key to a landing to segment users? Well, it’s on the forms. This is the central basis for achieving this goal. Think carefully about the data that you will request, since these are the ones that will allow you to make the perfect segmentation of your audience.

It is true that the forms should not bombard visitors with questions. This can overwhelm and even scare them. However, you have to request essential information to help you get to know the users. Remember that this is where your database will come from.

A great idea is to use smart forms, that is, those that allow you to fill out some boxes automatically. For example, in the case of country, age, among others, you can use detachable tabs in which the visitor only has to click the option.

Now that you know how to build your database through a landing to segment users, you have no excuse not to do it. You just have to create a good strategy so that visitors are encouraged to fill out the form. Remember that your contact list depends on this.

Data that you must request in a form

As you have seen, forms are the central focus of your landing to segment users. But do you really know what data you must request to achieve it? This will largely depend on the purpose of your page. The simplest only ask for name and email but more is needed to be able to make an effective segmentation.

Objectively analyze what information you require to determine if it is the customer profile you are looking for. Take into account that this is directly connected to the model of your business. It is not the same to request information in the case of a B2C than a B2B.

When it comes to a business-to-consumer request, simpler data is requested, such as name, contact (email or mobile). And to better segment, you can choose age, country and preferences. Everything will be around your buyer persona.

But if you go to a B2B, you have to take into consideration many more aspects. An example can be the name of the company, sector in which it is dedicated, country, email, personnel number, position of the person who fills out the form and telephone number. The idea is that you can obtain the necessary information to segment.