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Cloud computing is a model of providing computer services through the Internet for a minimal cost. The use of these services is an alternative for companies that cannot or do not want to own and maintain information technology equipment.


The goal of cloud computing or “Cloud Computing” is to provide services to its users remotely, giving the possibility to access them from anywhere and avoiding the use of space and resources by their users.

Some of its advantages are:

  • It has low cost depending on consumption made.
  • Easy and fast with the rest of the business applications.
  • Provision of services throughout the world.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Data recovery through backup copies.
  • Simplicity at the beginning of development.
  • Automatic Updates.
  • Decrease in energy consumption.

Service Models

There are several types or models of cloud computing services, including:

Software as a service

It refers to software already installed in the cloud, so it is provided through a web browser, these applications are easy to access and easy to use through a simple interface. The user does not have to worry about knowing about storage, operating system, among other details that are necessary when installing software in the traditional way. Examples of this type are: Salesforce and Basecamp.

Platform as a service

It is the use of platforms created by companies that provide an application development environment, which developers can use to create and share their applications without the cost and complexity of installing and configuring servers. For example: Google App Engine and SimpleDB.

Infrastructure as a service

It offers the necessary infrastructure to run applications, offer services with processing capacity, servers and physical equipment, which are acquired by developers when making a payment for their use, this reduces the cost of installation and maintenance of these equipment. The user does not have infrastructure control but the software and some work components that he wants to use. Some examples of this type are: Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Does cloud computing help my company?

As we can see, cloud computing provides its users, in this case companies, a wide variety of benefits, mainly in saving space costs and equipment maintenance, in addition to having different working approaches, which are adjusted according to the customer need, all under the use of a monthly subscription at a timber price.

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