We are very lucky that the Internet exists because many of them are really fascinating, inspiring and motivating stories that you have at a simple mouse click and from which you can learn things with incredible value. These things can have a profound impact on your life, may even make you give a helm. This has been, in fact, in my case.

In my case it was the fact of realizing to what extent success and happiness are simple matters of attitude. Seeing the mentality of these people has left its mark on me , it has opened my eyes, it has made me understand that achieving the things you want to achieve, in reality, is much easier than we think and it has made me eliminate the word “impossible” “From my vocabulary.

For that reason, I have had a post like this for a long time, where I can talk about this topic, collect those principles that I have observed that all these people have in common, what makes them different and much more prone to Succeed in their lives than others.

9 Features that make people successful

Specifically, I’m going to focus on 9 attitudes, 9 characteristics of their personality, which I see repeated over and over again in people who are successful and who are also 100% applicable to bloggers.

I think they are more than recommendable principles and that we should all continue because they will bring us much closer to happiness.

What are we talking about then? What do these people do differently from the rest?

  1. Take action

Take ActionThis phrase will sound and much, perhaps even you find it somewhat tiresome because you’ve already read it lots of times, in this blog and elsewhere.

But I observe that it is still the No. 1 reason for failure in people who do not achieve their goals, applied to our own, read, for example, people who fail to create a successful online project.

Following the example: if you are clear that you want to create a blog, just believe it, stop preparations and courses for 6 months. Take a good tutorial as there are many in the network, believe it and start thinking and writing content now.

It does not matter that you are not clear about your final topic, just go testing. It does not matter if you are not clear about the name of the blog or how to make the logo, there will be time for that. All these are just excuses not to take action and do what you have to do: start a damn time.

If the result is not optimal, absolutely nothing happens. Is someone going to kill you for it? There will be time to improve it little by little.

Another example: suppose you already have your blog created and want to learn how to position your content. Do not fall into the error so frequent to discover SEO and throw yourself months in search of the Holy Grail to do magic with Google.

Simply learn the basics (which will show you our SEO eBook that you can see below) and stay there for now. If you focus, it will not take you much longer than 2-3 hours. With that you will already know 80% of what everything you need from SEO in practice.

Now what is interesting is to apply it right now to get benefits as soon as possible. At the time you can resume the topic to be a crack of SEO if it compensates, but now there are other priorities.

Etc., etc., etc.

Do you catch me?

Successful people advance in an unstoppable way and do not look for perfection, they have a great final objective, but also always small intermediate objectives that they are reaching little by little and ending one after the other. This is how they progress unstoppably towards their great final goal.

  1. They do not admit excuses and believe in themselves

And advancing in an unstoppable way also means that they do not admit excuses.

People are very tending to take refuge in bullshit as an excuse to not do something. However, people who succeed are not usually granted this luxury.

If you are sick of suffering bad wages and the instability of your work, and you want to give a helm, but you think it is impossible because you are working and have a family to attend, think of the opponent who is 40 years old and in your same situation He took his place on the basis of getting up every day during the week at 6 o’clock in the morning to study 2 hours before going to work, plus another 8 hours of study on Saturdays and Sundays.

That is not a picturesque story, it is real. Few people do it, but there is. The lesson here is that the concept of “impossible” is something very, very relative. Therefore, think carefully before saying “I cannot” or “it is impossible”.

Now, if you really want to know what can be achieved with willpower, I propose that you take some time to know the story of Kyle Maynard. Personally, of all the ones I’ve seen, it’s the one that has most impressed me.

Kyle was born with a condition known as “congenital amputation”, that is, with a congenital deformation of his limbs as if they had been amputated.

Despite this, and thanks to the mentality of overcoming that his parents instilled in him as a child,  with basically two elbows , he can write up to fifty words per minute on a normal keyboard , eat and write without any adaptations , drive a vehicle which has few modifications and live on your own in a three-story house in Atlanta, GA.

But not only this; among other things, he has successfully completed as a fighter and has become the first quadruple amputee to climb Mount Kilimanjaro unaided, crawling his 5,895 meters in ten days.

I think that now you understand me when I say that the concept of “impossible” is something very relative.

Moreover, do not you think that the opponent’s example remains almost ridiculous in comparison? So that: the concept of “impossible” is very relative.

  1. They keep the focus

keep the focusKnowing how to take action is fine, but you have to do it with logic and order, not like a chicken without a head.

If a passive person is very difficult, in my opinion impossible, to be successful with a blog, a scattered person has it just as raw. You need to have a clear vision of your objectives, focus on them and not deviate. If you do not do it, you will not advance.

Maintaining the focus also means knowing how to put aside other less priority things   that may seem opportunities, but that, in reality, are only distractions because they do not fit within your main objectives and involve time investment.

Typical example that will happen when you start to have a little visibility: online ads company that promises great profits and wants you to try their products because they supposedly fit perfectly with your niche.

If you listen to emails with this kind of thing, I assure you a 98% chance of tens and tens of hours lost until you finally discover that the super-opportunity is crap.

Therefore, my recommendation: all these distractions that only detract from your real objectives delete them without contemplating your inbox and always remember that with every distraction that you attend, you move one step further from the success of your project.

  1. Help others

One of the simplest ways to succeed is to do something useful for others and be excellent at it, something that others need or want or that simply entertains them.

And this is something fantastic for a blogger because many people write me precisely saying that they are overwhelmed not knowing what to write. They have more or less clear in what niche they want to get, but they do not know what to write about.

Do not think about what to write, think about how you can solve people’s problems, and try to relate the things you like, the things that you do well with those potential problems or needs of people. It is very likely that you will find things that fit with that niche in which you want to get.

If you can do something to improve people’s lives, you will have a secure hearing. And if many people have that problem (s), you will have a very large audience and, in addition, a very grateful audience with you, which is the best you can wish for.

And if you do not see yourself capable of doing this for yourself, there is no problem: ask people, ask questions continuously and listen a lot, let yourself be inspired by their answers.

Same in one of those, you are, for example, with someone like the opponent before telling you how bad it is going because it costs a world to memorize so much information.

It turns out that you light the bulb because you have always been fascinated by the tricks and techniques to enhance the mind (the “mind hacks”, as the Anglo-Saxons call them), but it was something that you had left out many years ago and you remembered that hobby of yours.

As you see, with that example, if you work it out a bit, it is practically impossible not to find something that you might like.

If you really have a vocation to be useful to others, all this will be a natural process that will motivate you and provide you with infinite ideas for content. The rest (blog growth, content dissemination, personal branding, etc.) will be automatic, as a result of your usefulness to your community of readers.

Target your objectives based on the needs of your audience. This means listening, attending to your community, responding to comments, asking (surveys), responding to emails. You will be full of ideas to create content and you will know that they will work.

  1. They have a winning mentality: out fears and shyness

winningWe have all had experiences that impact you so deeply that after them you are not the same person.

The conclusion that underlies all the talk is as simple as shocking:

They educate us to be mediocre.

Maybe you will be struck by a statement that is so radical and that is not often heard, but I assure you that if you see the talk, it is highly probable that you agree with it. Not in vain, this talk, after years and with the appearance of media such as YouTube, has gone viral and only counts on Ted.com with 35 million views.

I consider this statement to be totally true for many reasons, but mainly because we are educated so as not to get out of the established canons, of what the established educational systems consider “desirable” objectives.

And what is worse: part of this is the fact that they educate us to fear failure, instilling in us from childhood the fear of not reaching these goals that no one seems to question. And that paralyzes the ability to innovate with fresh and risky ideas.

This translates into practice in things like the following scenario:

Imagine a student with possible parents who want to give a prestigious MBA to their son that costs a pasture, the best of the market.

It turns out that the son raises to his parents that he has another vocation and, in addition, believes more productive to focus that effort on an online project (for example, a professional blog to create a powerful personal brand over the years).

How will 99.9% of parents react? Well, taking away the displeasure of the century, is not it?

It is not a conventional way of thinking, they are not conventional objectives, they get off the map of what they have imposed on us as “the right thing” and that in our culture turns the option of the child automatically into bad. You will agree that such a trial, without my knowledge, can only be described as reckless and ignorant.

And it is not about a master being something good or something bad. What is involved is that it is not automatically the best option for everyone that is without considering that the current economic situation and the current saturation of the labor market have made a dent in its effectiveness as a tool to find employment.

Here is also an interesting reflection by Angel Alegre on the subject:

Do not study a master

The tragedy of this is that with the relevance that are taking concepts such as personal branding and professional blogs, this supposed “nonsense” of the idea of ​​the blog within 10 years is surely much better accepted. But today, as it is not part of the conventional, it is bad, without more; although in reality it has the same meaning now that in 10 years.

These cultural “gifts” are a great burden because they drag us into mediocrity, because they make us fear things that go beyond the established, even if they have all the sense of the world. It is a tremendous barrier to get to do extraordinary things because it prevents us from taking risks. But the road to success, real success, the one that makes you happy and not a well-paid slave, is not usually achieved without taking risks or innovating.

Or, as Arnold Schwarzenegger says in his famous 6 rules for success: “break the rules, do not break the law, but from time to time, break the rules. You have to think outside the box “(Break the rules, do not break the law, but occasionally break the rules, you have to think outside the conventions).

All this we can take also to the plane of the small details:

We have this mentality so ingrained that it even manifests itself in trivial things: I see it every day in people who write me asking for advice because they do not dare to go out on video or publish a simple post for fear that they will laugh at them, to make a small mistake that could leave them in a bad place publicly, etc.

And this is a great burden that makes it almost impossible to succeed in anything.

See the talk of Sir Ken Robinson helped me a lot to realize that this is so and, derived from it, helped me to stop fearing failure, to assume that failure is inevitable, necessary and even positive if you know how to take advantage of to learn. There is no reason to fear it. It’s stupid.

What is the worst thing that can happen to you if you publish bad content? That people do not care. Point. And that is a problem? Do not bother me … Well, you do a better one next time and that’s it.

As Arnold himself says, “the real failure is if you fall and do not get up again.”

Internalize this attitude and many of the barriers that are preventing you from succeeding will fall like dominoes one after the other.

  1. They are in a process of permanent personal development

All these attitudes and personality traits are not acquired in two days.

As much as you agree with what Ken Robinson says about fear of failure, you will continue to be nervous about an examination, presentation or a job interview for a long time. These things are not changed overnight.

I myself learned these things a while ago and I am not yet able to put them into practice 100%.

But it does not matter, nothing happens, nobody is born perfect. The fact of the matter is that I’m getting closer and closer, that’s what matters. The important thing is to have clear ideas and work on them without haste but without pause, to develop you a little more each day.

  1. They are ambitious, but not greedy

The solid success is simmered.

Many times we see success stories of previously unknown people and give the impression that they have reached success overnight. But if we leave aside the cases related to the trash, the reality is usually very different.

If you know the stories behind people who have been very successful in life, it is very rarely the case. In the vast majority of these cases, success is a consequence of many years of hard work and a dash of luck at the right time; luckily, without the previous work, it would not have been worth anything.

If you want to do something big, you have to aim high. You will hardly do it if you set very small goals. But on the road to success it is also very easy to be seduced by greed when you start to have your first little triumphs. This can decentralize the focus and spoil everything.

In the case of bloggers, a typical example is when the first income arrives. It is a tremendously motivating but also very dangerous moment, because it can cause you, suddenly, no longer to think about the reader / client as a first priority, but rather about pasta. And that is usually a very typical reason to start making very bad decisions in your project that, over time, end up burying your true potential or even killing it at all.

There are many people that this happens to him and the worst thing is that they do not realize that they are noticed on all four sides. They have a bit of success, they get greed, they start to see the duster and they are already killing their personal brand.

So if it starts to go well, be careful to let yourself be seduced by greed and forget about the principles that have taken you to the point where you were when you started doing well.

  1. They surround themselves with positive people and move from the trolls

There is a phrase from motivational speaker Jim Rohn that says “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.

Other people have taken this phrase to other fields saying things like “your income is the average of the 5 people with whom you spend more time”.

It is a phrase that, according to my own experience, I totally share.

I do not know if it will be exactly the average, but there is no doubt that there is a lot of truth in this idea. The people around us have an immense influence on us, on our interests and our decisions, both for good and for bad.

For that reason, many people, like one of the bloggers that I follow and recommend, Neil Patel, usually advice surrounding you with people who bring you positivity and inspiration and get away from those who do the opposite.

But this same principle can also be carried to other lands.

For example: in blogging we tend to get too impacted by negative criticism, much more than positive ones.

Imagine the following scenario:

You have made a great post, a post of 5000 words that has cost you weeks to develop, a great success. Over time this post has received more than 100 very positive comments.

Suddenly, a negative comment arrives, in addition, a comment that you have to admit is right and that has been written in a very constructive way. That is to say, it is not a simple troll that you can ignore without further ado.

What will dominate in your mind? That one negative comment or the 100 positives?

If what predominates in your mind is not the negative comment I give you the congratulations because you are a great exception.

In the average blogger, the negative criticism usually monopolizes almost all the attention, usually affects us emotionally and divert attention from positive criticism, even if they win by a landslide in number. It makes us lose the objective vision of the facts and completely vitiates the global photo.

This is a big mistake. Because if it is a constructive and justified criticism it is not a negative thing, it is something positive and, therefore, of being grateful. Recognize with humility your mistakes and resolved business, as simple as that. None of those who are worth it will look at you badly for it; On the contrary, I assure you.

And if it is not, if it is simply a troll that wants to take it for granted, do not waste a minute with it, your time is too valuable for it. It does not make sense to debate with people like that; they are not your goal, they only seek to make noise and damage and you are much better without them in your blog.

What to do with a troll in your blog?

Luckily, personally, I have not had any major problems with trolls, except once a commentator put me in a hosting article accusing me of deceiving people in order to charge affiliate commissions. It took me a second to delete the comment and block its IP address. Not that it is a perfect technical solution to prevent access to the blog again, but transmitted the message I wanted to get it.

I find it simply something that is not acceptable on a site that offers free content meant to inform and help readers. You do not want to have people like that among your readers. If you do not like your blog for any reason, they are very free to go elsewhere. There are many other readers out there who will be happy to enjoy what your blog offers them; focus on them.

  1. The skin is left working

And this point should be evident: read the success story that you read, behind each one there is always a lot, a lot, a lot of work.

Nobody triumphs by chance, there are no shortcuts. And the most interesting and motivating thing I’ve found in common among the success stories I’ve seen is that in success your skills are often much more important than talent .

Reflect for a moment on what this means: talent is innate, skills can be acquired.

Its great news, do not you think?

It is because then acquiring a skill becomes a simple matter of work. That is, acquiring a certain skill is something that is available to all of us.