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Lead Generation Ideas using Content Marketing

If content marketing is an effective tool for achieving a variety of business goals, each element of your editorial strategy must nevertheless aim for one common goal. This is the challenge of personalizing and incarnating your sales pitch. Always think about creating and calibrating content for a specific purpose. Example with lead generation: an acquisition, conversion and retention strategy that requires specific and targeted types of content.

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For a lead generation and prospect campaign, the content is definitely a guarantee of your success. At the heart of inbound marketing, it needs more than ever to provide real value to your audience. The key to creating and delivering this value is to produce compelling, high-quality content that informs, educates and leads your prospects while answering their questions and helping them solve their problems or make a decision.

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Useful blog content

To find the right inbound topics without falling into the all-commercial, think about going back to the source of your lead generation strategy: your prospects and customers. Mobilize your sales teams and customer service to bring out recurring issues, pain points, purchase brakes or action. Plan your editorial calendar accordingly, and process your B2B blog articles to deliver valuable, practical and therefore persuasive value.

This is an opportunity to share your tips and tricks, to viralize practical infographics or to explain how your products and services work to make your customers’ lives easier.

Premium acquisition content

To create content, you invest time, resources, and therefore money. From a business point of view, it makes sense that you monetize it. For the profitability of your lead generation, a good ratio between open content open access and premium closed content is essential. Once you’ve attracted your prospects and created trust, put your high-value content behind an acquisition form to collect valuable data for your recovery campaigns. Not only does premium content help you understand your audience, but it also increases the perceived value of your expertise among your audience.

This is an opportunity to publish a well-researched white paper about your industry and activity or to host a special webinar session.

Reminder content by e-mail

To maintain or strengthen the relationship with your prospects, e-mail is probably your most effective weapon. But sending communications, even scripted and segmented for your lead nurturing, is not enough: in lead generation, you have to develop your prospects in your sales funnel. The best way to do this is to base your e-mail content on the action and purchase brakes that prevent the conversion of your segment. Defeat them in 4 steps: reassure, exemplify, access and offer.

Customer intelligence: data inbound as a performance lever

In digital inbound marketing, the importance of data is well established. But how to use them for more powerful content and sales strategies? Thanks to the customer intelligence, you are safer in the mile.

Conceptualizing a basic content strategy based on captivating storytelling and convincing speaking is not enough or more to ensure the success of marketing campaigns. When your audiences are overwhelmed by an overabundance of information every day, having a solid, scripted data set can make all the difference. Objective: to implement content solutions architecture that is based on customer intelligence.