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Are you looking for a space to advertise your brand? Then you must know what are the most profitable marketing channels. So that you can launch all your campaigns in them, so that you can achieve your goals and reach the audience you want.

There are different digital media that are used by companies to offer their products and services, so that they can get more sales. They are also ideal for brand recognition, which is helpful if you want to position yourself in the industry.

Since you are looking for the most profitable marketing channels, you need to know that they are not something specific. It can be any platform or website through which you present the product or service to the customer and all the information required to make the purchase.

Top 5: most profitable marketing channels

There is no doubt that digital media are increasingly positioned better among sales channels. Keep in mind that this is also because there are countless possibilities and the appeal they represent. In addition, they fulfill their mission at the advertising level, encouraging the appearance of new clients.

These are some of the main marketing channels that will make your campaigns more profitable:

1.- Pay per click marketing

One of the most prominent channels in marketing is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Your success likely comes from the various options that are available to brands. Although you should consider that on each platform, the handling is different.

Therefore, if you can hire an agency specialized in performance marketing like Antevenio, all the better.

In PPC there are two channels with high potential to carry out your campaigns. These are Google Ads and Facebook / Instagram Ads. On the one hand, Google search ads give you the ability to connect with users who are looking for products or services like the one you offer.

On the other hand, Google’s display ads and Facebook’s paid social ads allow you to create demand. And they are perfect for presenting your services to clients who may not be looking for something. Or even that they are not even aware of its existence.

2.- Word of mouth marketing

Nowadays, it is essential for consumers to trust a brand and they are more distrustful of paid content. And the best way to earn their trust is through customer recommendations about your business.

So, add credibility and inspire others to make purchases. This is what is known as word-of-mouth marketing.

Nowadays, before buying something, users start researching the Internet, looking for comments, reviews, etc. This reflects that they trust other consumers more than marketers. So much so that, according to various studies, 9 out of 10 consumers read reviews when making purchasing decisions.

Word-of-ear marketing doesn’t have to be just a face-to-face conversation. These are the opinions of satisfied customers about your products or services. They will probably tell their family and friends where they were purchased and the word will spread.

You can promote this type of marketing by designing a customer experience that is capable of meeting the needs of your audience. You have to offer high-level customer service. It’s about serving your customers’ needs before yours.

3.- social media

Talking about more profitable marketing channels and not mentioning social networks, it would not make sense. And it is that consumers actively seek brands that interest them on these digital platforms. They use them to research or make purchasing decisions.

Likewise, social media offers great opportunities for community building. This potential can hardly be found in another type of channel. It does not matter if you manage a personal profile or a company page, the results are positive.

Focus on your customer relationships and not sales. If you do the former, there will certainly be conversions later. Keep in mind that, through these platforms, users seek to better understand your brand before making a purchase decision.

Best of all, you will have the opportunity to interact with your followers. This creates a closer relationship between the brand and the consumer. In turn, it allows you to show content ” behind the scenes ” and address negative comments with finesse and grace.

Of course, it is important that you choose the platforms that may be most beneficial for the brand. In fact, there are networks that work best for very specific industries. You can be in whatever you want but you may not get the same positive results.

4.- Email marketing

If you are looking for a channel in which you can give direct answers to your customers, then you will need email marketing. It is essential that you work with personalized messages. But to achieve this you will need to have your contact list well segmented. This will increase your chances of conversion and open rates in the long run.

Remember that the users who provided you with their email is because they are really interested in receiving your information. Therefore, they are more willing to open those messages, see your news, the latest products, how they can benefit from them, etc.

Here it is very important that you take care of the subject line of the email, as it will determine if the user opens it or ignores it. Therefore, it is interesting that it is very short, but also capable of offering value, inciting urgency. You can apply both, the goal is to increase clicks.

Another key point is that your emails must be short and precise. Remember that it is not a blog with long texts. It should be easy for subscribers to read and digest. And you have to put a call-to-action button at the bottom.

5.- Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing

Currently, if you do not appear in the search engines it seems that you do not exist. It can be considered as the best marketing channel to attract attention organically. Because it is the main source of discovery of new products and services among all Internet users.

In addition, search engines are also one of the channels with the highest conversion. It’s probably because people are actively searching Google for answers to their questions and solutions to their needs. All this is achieved by optimizing all the channels where your company has a presence.

So, when you decide to optimize for SEO, you should keep in mind that this applies to your YouTube channel and your blog. But also, for your Google Maps profile of Google My Business and even for your podcast episodes.

A good idea is to work with the strategy of single-pillar pages, which provide a high-level overview of a topic. It also allows you to have hyperlinks to group pages that delve into the subtopics of the main topic. What use is this to you? It tells Google that your homepage is an authority on that particular topic.