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Learning how to create a mobile phone database is vital if you intend to carry out bulk SMS sending campaigns. Since the emergence of the first mobiles, this strategy has been maintained and has even been on the rise due to its great effectiveness.

Since it has advanced, SMS Marketing has been part of many strategies for promotion and loyalty campaigns in all types of different businesses, so it cannot be missing in yours.

The good thing about sending bulk SMS is that it is a technique that you can implement whatever type of sector, be it educational, commercial or financial.

The possibilities when applying it are unlimited and it is remarkable that the promotional strategies are usually creative and totally effective.

With a little dedication, you will have one of the most effective sales strategies for your company. But before you imagine how the structure of that message should be, you must be aware of how important a mobile phone database is to send bulk SMS.

SMS Marketing is still highly effective

On average, most users spend more than an hour a day checking their mobile phones and browsing the Internet.

Many marketers have tried to control this by delivering their offers via messengers, emails, web push notifications, and the default text messaging service for mobiles: SMS.

Despite the fact that email marketing has led the digital strategies of many companies, SMS Marketing has some advantages over email.

Which are? For example, that 98% of SMS are opened by users, while only 20% of emails are read by recipients.

In general, people tend to be more receptive when they receive text messages, since they see them as a much more personal and quick communication with your company.

In fact, 75% of users choose the SMS option compared to email as the predominant channel of interaction with companies. This mainly happens when it comes to financial transactions, appointments and special offers.

There is no strategy without a mobile phone database

Bulk SMS strategies are usually so effective that many times they convert leads into customers with just one message.

Even, many times it becomes so versatile that you can use the message to promote other means of communication that your business has, such as its social networks or the website.

It is extremely important that the database with which you are going to start is of quality. You must have the contacts of those users who are really interested in your services or products.

Although it is somewhat difficult to grow a database, it is one of the most effective ways for you to guarantee the success of your sales strategy.

In addition to ensuring that your contacts are going to be interested in your bulk SMS services, you also need to have the correct mobile numbers and the most accurate data.

Only in this way more to be able to create optimal personalized and segmented campaigns that will allow you to achieve better results.

A mobile phone database is not just going to contain a number of contact numbers. With it, you can also find out other types of information about your clients, such as their gender, age, nationality, among others.

And this for what? For you to send campaigns that are correctly segmented.

Ways You Can Increase Your Mobile Phone Database

There are many ways you can grow your database, as there are useful tools to make it possible.

However, here is a summary of the three main ways to build a quality database:

  • Offer quality information, as well as samples of your products through your website. In this way, you can exchange it for the contact details of your users. If you offer something that is of interest to your potential customers, they will be more willing to give their mobile number without problems.
  • Another option you can use is your social networks. For example, conducting a contest where you can only participate through subscription. It is essential that you offer quality content, so that you stand out from your competition and have the power to attract new subscribers.
  • Don’t forget the traditional ways. Although many times this goes unnoticed, events are a great opportunity for you to meet the interests of your users and exchange business cards.
  • It is also important that you add a subscribe button that is at the bottom of the emails you send. If anyone is interested, they will be clicking there to subscribe.

Do not forget that virality is one of the most important actions. One idea is that you share the information by word of mouth with certain acquaintances, so that they join your mobile phone database faster.