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Does your website serve your business growth goals? The current lockdown period may be the time to consider an overhaul so that it becomes a full lever of your strategy.

How is your business website? Have you ever thought (or said!) Phrases like:

  • “Our website? It is not terrible, but we do with it…”
  • “Navigating our site is a real pain, I can never find the page I want!”
  • “Our customers are complaining that our site is too heavy or too complicated, but what can we do about it?”
  • “We have a site, but it is not visible on the Internet…”.

These sentences should put you in the ear! If you, an expert in your field of activity, cannot navigate your own website, how can you expect a user to do so?

Showcase site or not, you should know that your website can (and must) have real added value within your marketing strategy. Concretely, it must be a central lever to help you increase your turnover! But for that, it is still necessary to give it the attention it deserves

In general, you should monitor the performance of your website very regularly. You will thus have an eye on the health of your site, and will be able to immediately spot the warning signs which should indicate to you that the time has come for a redesign.

What are these signals? We tell you everything!

🔎 No time to read everything? Want some advice to take away? In fact, the experts from our digital agency have produced this guide for you with 10 tips to make your redesign project a success!

# 1 Your website is poorly referenced

Do your prospects and customers come across your site when they Google search keywords related to your business? For example, if you sell windows in Perpignan, can you come across your site while searching for “window installation Perpignan”?

A redesign project will allow you to improve the technical structure of your site, essential in natural referencing (SEO), to work on the design of your site, but will also be an opportunity to optimize your content by targeting them on the words – keys to your business.

# 2 your site is too slow to load

Does your website pass Google’s test? Note that one in two users abandons their search if a mobile site takes more than 3 seconds to load, and that each additional second negatively impacts up to 20% of conversions on mobile.

If your site is too slow to load, you should therefore consider a technical overhaul to make it lighter and optimize its performance! This requires development work, but also creation and graphic research.

# 3 Your site is unsuitable for mobile

You don’t always think about it when you visit your company website from your desktop computer, but mobile browsing has overtaken desktop browsing since 2016!

It is now crucial that users can not only easily navigate your site from all types of media (computer, tablet or even mobile), but also that they can easily go through a purchase, a reservation. or a contact request.

# 4 Your website’s performance has dropped

If you see a drop-in conversion rate, time spent on important pages, an increase in cart abandonment or bounce rate … It’s time to fix it!

A redesign will allow you to work on the important pages of your site and their content, but also on the conversion funnel to promote shopping and purchase.

# 5 Your site is not or more suited to your business goals

Your website is a full-fledged, even central, lever in your marketing strategy, whatever your sector of activity.

If your site no longer allows you to reach the desired number of leads or is not suitable for the implementation of an inbound marketing strategy, consider a redesign! It should allow you to facilitate the implementation of strategic processes to achieve your business objectives.

# 6 Your site no longer corresponds to your activity

It may happen that your site is no longer fully adapted to your activity. A redesign and work on the design can thus be considered to accelerate the development of your identity, to reposition your brand, or even if you are launching a new activity. As you can see, an optimized and efficient website is central in your marketing strategy, whatever your activity. And there are many red flags that tell you it’s time for a makeover!