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In general, content marketing strategies have a single purpose: to share valuable content to the target audience. However, as interesting as your content is, you cannot just leave it in words and hope that the customer will be attracted. When your readers’ eyes bounce with so many words on a page, their level of interaction decreases rapidly. Consequently, your brand loses a potential lead. Therefore, it is essential to create more content strategies that are visually appealing. Just that, we share in this note.

Content marketing strategies: 5 visually appealing options

1 # Videos

When it comes to dynamic and interactive content, without a doubt, video is the first option that should reach our minds. To give you an idea of ​​its relevance, according to SEOmoz, the posts that integrate videos are 3 times more shared than those that only have text. The reason? Users like interaction, dynamic and visually appealing content.

Of course, whenever you want to include the video in your content marketing strategies you must adapt the content in a way that is attractive to the user. To do this, you must adapt to your tastes and needs. Also, try not to exceed two minutes. Otherwise, your users will be unlikely to remain until the end of the video.

You can create institutional, professional, entertainment videos, about contests, sweepstakes, in short, that makes total interaction with the potential user.

2 # Infographics

They are incredibly visually attractive! They give you the opportunity to share valuable content, but dynamically. Therefore, infographics as content marketing strategies often produce a lot of noise on social networks. Users love them because through images, graphics, icons and colors, brands share interesting information.

In relation to this, SEOmoz comments that we read 30 times more infographics than the texts expressed in a post. And publications that integrate infographics have 12% more traffic than those that do not include them. In fact, on Pinterest, 80% of user activity is repins of infographics. Already there you can measure its level of importance.

3 # E-books

Electronic books also known as e-books can be in two ways: purely informative, totally visual, or a perfect combination of both. What do you prefer? Without a doubt, the last option should be your main alternative when thinking about these guides.

The best thing about this type of content is that users can consume them from any device. Allowing you to optimize your brand image, and of course, generate leads. So next time (or if it is the first) that you will include e-books in your content marketing strategies, take care of every detail of your overall design. That is, it includes quality images and graphic resources related to the image, colors and particular style of your brand.

Also, remember what we said about the videos, do not exceed the length of pages. If it is too long, you will not get the expected hitch with your target audience.

4 # Memes

The boom of memes does not stop; the big brands use them to maintain interaction with their users. At the same time they share interesting content, but without losing dynamism. So why not dare to be part of this trend? Through images with funny phrases you can get much more interaction than a post based solely on text.

In fact, there is already a new digital term known as marketing with memes or memejacking. It consists of a technique that companies use to market their own brand.

5 # Gifographs

This type of content is relatively new, it is a mix between infographics and animated gifs. Its purpose is to summarize an extensive content in short ideas accompanied by illustrations in movements. In addition to being a fun and dynamic content, it is also very easy to share through digital channels.