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Do you know UX? This is the User Experience, or User Experience, a process the purpose of which is to facilitate the use of a website or an application and to meet the expectations of end-users in connection with the business objectives of the sponsor. Hence we can say UX and ROI are closely linked.

It is essential in the strategy for creating or redesigning your site, because the more accessible it will be thanks to simple navigation and respect for conventions, the more your users will want to stay there, come back to it, or even recommend it.

What is a good User Experience (UX)?

To optimize the user experience, your site or application must be based on five key factors:

  • Pleasure
  • Discovery
  • The performance
  • Learning
  • Efficiency.

It is a process that must be carried out upstream of the project to create or redesign your website or your application.

The goal? Offer an interface and features that will satisfy your users in order to invite them to complete a contact form, a request for a quote or even to make them buy a product.

UX is based on conventions and standards to ensure ergonomics that meet accessibility standards (typography, contrast, responsive integration to adapt to all screen sizes and resolutions).

The goal? Make it easy for your users to navigate between pages to the conversion goal.

What are the advantages of a good UX?

Offering a pleasant and intuitive site is not just a way to satisfy your visitors, it is also a competitive advantage that will have repercussions on your ROI. By presenting your users with a site or an application adapted to their need (s), you set yourself apart from your competitors and ensure that these users will come back to your site!

UX, a central component of ROI

An optimized user experience goes hand in hand with a reduction in costs. By intervening upstream to work on the reduction of problems and bugs, you make sure that you do not invest financial, human and time resources when a problem arises. In short, it is about anticipating and solving problems before they arise.

A pleasant and fluid navigation allows you to benefit from the positive word-of-mouth of your visitors. In the same way that we recommend a restaurant or a movie that we liked, we talk about the websites and applications that we have used. Concentrating your efforts on the user experience, thus ensuring the recommendations of your visitors.

Finally, a good UX builds lasting loyalty from your users. Just as you like to come back to a place you liked; a user will appreciate browsing a site that will quickly become familiar to them. By making it easier for visitors to navigate and quickly giving them the information, they need, you can keep them happy and gain their trust.

But UX has a profound impact on ROI. Through its objectives, it can significantly help you to improve it or to wait for your objectives:

  • Increase conversion: increase the number of contacts, requests for quotes or generate more sales through easier navigation on the site, from product search to conversion.
  • Reduction in the abandonment rate: thanks to the optimization of user journeys to facilitate navigation between pages, reassurance and limitation of errors.
  • Improved credibility and notoriety: enhance user satisfaction and confidence, and thus increase the number of ambassadors for your brand through the improvement of the discovery experience in order to attract new visitors to the site.
  • Cost reduction: decrease the costs (financial and human) of maintenance, creation and redesign by reducing the time spent on development and problem-solving.