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Today, thinking of a strategy in Online Marketing and not contemplating a strategy in Social Media is impossible. Social networks are so integrated into our day to day, that more and more companies are seeing their presence in these channels more than necessary. So, if a while ago we published a small guide for beginners on Facebook Ads, we believe another guide on Twitter Ads is indispensable. The social network par excellence to share news and content quickly and easily.

But … What are Twitter Ads and how does it work?

According to Twitter data, more than 500 million daily tweets are published. In addition, the number of active users that interacts is no less than 300 million. Data that clearly expose the remarkable opportunities that the network provides companies to connect with their audience, increasing engagement.

Specifically, Twitter Ads is, due to its characteristic b rendingorientation, a perfect tool for business promotion. In this step-by-step guide, we describe what your main virtues are and how to use them.

In order to carry out advertising campaigns on Twitter, it is not necessary to have a business profile, you just have to click on “Ads” in the start menu of your account.

# 1 Objective selection

Once logged in, and after accessing the Twitter Ads panel, starting to create a new campaign is as simple as choosing the goal you want to achieve. You must keep in mind that this will be unique and shared for all the ads in your campaign, you cannot modify it. If you want to create ads with different goals, you will have no choice but to design different campaigns.

In the same way you can create your campaigns without having to rely on any pre-established objective.

Tweets interaction. What is intended is to achieve greater interaction with the promoted tweet. In this case, Twitter will charge for participation. That is, depending on the number of users reached by your ad and the average CPE (Cost per engagement), the price will depend on the offer you have made and the bid suggested by Twitter.

Get clicks or conversions. When what is sought is to increase the sales of a product or to call the Call to Action. You will pay only for the interaction of your followers.

Installations or interactions of apps. The best objective if you are looking to increase the downloads of your new app. The announcement will provide the user with a direct link to it to achieve greater number of installations or updates. As in the previous objectives, the payment is made based on the actions carried out by the users.

Followers Very effective to increase your own community. However, you will not get followers thanks to the announcement itself. Your community will increase based on the quality of the content offered. These ads are displayed in the left sidebar and as a suggestion for users who follow accounts similar to yours. Twitter will charge for each new follower, or CPO (Cost Per Objective). Depending on the product or service, the CPO costs € 1 to € 3.

Get potential customers. The ideal goal to increase or build an email database.

# 2 Hearing Selection

Next, and within the previous design of your campaign, you will have to determine what your audience will be. To do it properly, clearly identify the profile of your “Buyer Persona”. Twitter Ads, provides various segmentation methods. Orient your ads to this specific type of users that you have defined.

Geographical segmentation. Allows selection by location (Country, Region, Province, City, etc.).

Gender segmentation. It offers the possibility of segmenting by female, male or “of any gender” public.

Segmentation by language. Determine the language (s) of the audience you aspire to reach.

Segmentation by devices and platforms.  This segmentation is very useful if your product is intended for a specific OS such as Apple, Windows and even iOS or Android.

Mobile Operators Twitter provides the functionality of choosing the services through which its users will receive your ads.

Segmentation by followers.  You will be able to add people already interested in your product. Twitter will limit itself to showing the ad to followers and followed by those users.

Segmentation by interests. You can perform this “debugging” starting from the main categories, to focusing on some more specific ones. In this way your campaign will be faithfully directed to a sector that shares the interests that you have selected.

Segmentation by personalized audience. Option for somewhat advanced users of the platform. Basically, it allows you to upload data that you already have in a CRM or others, about your clients and prospects. Whether contact lists, own email bases and others.

Common events and activities. It makes your ads reach people with common interests about certain activities or events.

# 3 Budget and time.

Once defined objectives and audience, it is time to establish what the budget will be according to the Twitter Ads pricing model. Define the daily investment for your ad or by the contract set a total budget to spend. As in other social networks, Twitter offers different possibilities when defining the budget.

Maximum budget Twitter distributes the ads once a day according to the duration of the campaign and the budget.

Total budget (Optional) . Although it is not an option in itself, we include it because it makes it possible to determine the maximum cost of your campaign. Now, within this item, you can also select “Automatic bidding” that will be optimized to obtain the best results at the lowest possible price or “Maximum bidding” is the maximum amount we were talking about and that you have stipulated. The higher your offer, the greater the scope that Twitter will assign to your campaign.

Finally, select how long your ad will remain active. With the “Rhythm” option set the frequency of your ad (Standard or Accelerated) consistent with the daily budget.

# 4 To create!

Finally, it is time to create your ad. At this point, everything will depend on the objective of the campaign. Whatever this may be, you cannot exceed 140 characters. Therefore, you need to think carefully if you will reinforce the text with an image or a “follow” button.

Certainly, there are no infallible recipes and everything will be the result of the combination of creativity and numerous tests (we recommend several A / B testing). Before writing a tweet, consider very well what users expect, what their preferences are and, especially, how you think your brand can meet their needs.

# 5 Metrics

Twitter Ads has a powerful tool to measure results, Twitter Analytics. Through it, control in detail the evolution of your campaign.

Some of the sections that make up these analytics are:

Start: where you can in broad strokes the number of tweets, impressions, interactions, followers or mentions.

Tweets: where the activity of each tweet is presented, such as impressions in the last 28 days, interactions, clicks on links, RT achieved, likes and comments.

Followers: provides audience data that has interacted with the tweet, depending on the category to which they belong. General information, organic public, common interests, language, location, gender, etc.

Twitter Cards: these are evolution charts and impressions of your Twitter cards. It also allows you to download reports in CSV or Excel format.