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It is well known that nowadays companies are looking, increasingly, for technological profiles, and especially web developers. And not only in Spain but throughout the world. According to the most recent Tech Cities report from Experis IT, web development is one of the areas with the most future and professional projection. Due to the increased use of the Internet and improvements in connections, the need for developers in companies is really high.

But it is also known that technology changes practically from one day to the next and developers must be prepared and updated to face all the new challenges that will arise during your professional career, for that reason, and not to be caught by surprise, We will point out the trends in development for the remainder of the year and next 2019.

Trends in web development 2019

As for frameworks and libraries. Angular, React and Vue keep hitting very hard, especially Vue. Although of course there is also room for Ionic.


Angular is a development framework for JavaScript, free and Open Source created by Google. The objective of Angular is to help us develop web applications SPA (Single Page App) and also give us tools to work with the elements of a web much easier. This language is experiencing a stage of stability that makes many senior developers use it in their daily work. The main language of this framework is TypeScript and who is behind this language? Microsoft, another big technology. In addition Angular gives you the option to create hybrid applications: for iOS, Android, as well as for other minority platforms.


This Open Source JavaScript library is used by many large companies such as Facebook , Instagram or Netflix . Some may ask … why choose a library like React and not a framework like Angular, which carries all the solutions in the backpack? Well because with React we have much more freedom , it is not Google who chooses what we have to work with, but we can be ourselves who choose what our project needs, even adding other libraries.

React has earned the respect and love of the community of programmers, is in the second position of libraries and frameworks most loved by developers according to theStack overflow survey of 2018. If you learn the mechanisms of React and its API you can create mobile applications with React Native.


It is a progressive framework created by Evan You, former Google developer, who is increasingly fashionable, grows at an unstoppable pace. Why progressive? Because it is easy to add to any existing project. Unlike Angular (the Google framework) that is more oriented to start projects from scratch and default architecture that is given by the same framework.

Vue is accessible, versatile, optimized (its core occupies 74KB) and its license is MIT, that is, very permissive, lets reuse software within proprietary software.

Vue’s main library is focused on the view layer, and is very easy to integrate with other existing libraries. Mola huh?


Version 4 of this framework, free and Open Source is already in beta.

Ionic is used for the development of hybrid applications. With HTML, CSS and JavaScript control you would be ready to start using it. This new version becomes independent of Angular, now it is independent of the base framework. What its creators want is that Ionic be able to work with whatever technology the programmers choose.

On this framework we must highlight its friendly and clean interface, components such as tabs, menus, form windows … they are elegant and simple, easily customizable for an application.

Regarding other trends, we highlight the new CSS3 specification:

CSS Grid Layout

It is a grid system, compatible with all browsers, which is used for standard web layout, that is, to place and distribute the elements on a page. It does not replace Flexbox, but complements itself to face the same problem. It can be used to create numerous designs although perhaps at the beginning we can do a little uphill due to the amount of properties it offers. But do not worry, that practice that makes the teacher is totally true.