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Although the truth is that this year we are working on all possible aspects, today we are going to see what the 8 industrial cybersecurity trends are in 2019 that are most impressive and that are already having an impact on the activity.

What do we see in 2019 regarding industrial cyber security?

We are going to see the 8 most remarkable points.

Increase in data protection

The gaps in the databases have made this point improve substantially, partly due to the new policy established in this regard and that affects us in this country. However, the thing will go further and incessantly seeks greater protection of the data because, as is to be expected, the theft of these is still very lucrative both for its sale and for blackmail.

Internet of things

We are constantly naming it but it seems that this year already, after its standardization in other sectors, the Internet of things will gain a lot of presence in the industry, with what that implies in terms of cybersecurity, of course; It will be a key point to work because against it has its facility to be violated.

Collaborative attacks

If we did not have enough attacks already in a conventional way, there is a prediction that collaborative relationships between cybercriminals will begin to be common and, of course, be better organized.

The result, as expected, includes more sophisticated threats and in greater quantity.

Attacks on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already part of any solution in cyber security, including, of course, the industrial one. It is for this reason that an increasingly important part of the attacks are focused on it.

This year we see how these programmed optimization algorithms are attacked to compromise with the objective of compromising the business activity.

Trends in industrial cyber security in 2019 | E Trend Talk

Higher cloud security standards

The increase in the use of services in the cloud until its complete standardization has undoubtedly made us have to put the batteries in order to offer greater security. The industries, although to a lesser extent, also make use of these services on cloud and, therefore, require an environment that, although remote, is safe.


An evil difficult to control in an industry is that of fileless or malware without a file, which is a malware that is installed in the memory of machines without software.

Increase in physical attacks

Infrastructures with physical responsibilities are increasingly attacked and this trend is going to increase due to the interest it has in those who attack them.

Higher level of critical vulnerability

2018 ended up presenting the most worrisome figures in terms of the number of vulnerabilities, but it also stands out for the criticality of these, appearing in a quite high percentage.