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Have you already taken the test to type “hotel Paris” on Google? No? So go ahead, do it. That’s it, are you on the results page? As you can see, the first four links are paid ads, but just below you can see the Google Hotel Ads module.

Google Hotel Ads places your hotel on the Google results page and on Maps. It is compatible with all types of devices (computers, tablets and mobiles). The ads are displayed to travellers who are actively searching for a hotel (those who have typed “hotel + city” on Google).

For you, hoteliers, this is a huge advantage: you gain visibility and only pay if the ad generates a click or a reservation!

According to a Google study, this way of promoting your hotel ensures a higher conversion rate than traditional natural and paid to reference. On mobile, these ads record double the usual traffic: a godsend, when we know that holidaymakers in the research phase turn to their phone 3 times more than to their family or friends, and 4.5 times more than to offline sources (catalogues, magazines, etc.).

How does it work?

The future vacationer in the active search phase, therefore already knowing their destination and vacation dates, will search Google for queries such as “Paris hotel” or “cheap hotel Nantes”. Whether he or she types it on Google or on Maps, the search engine offers him dynamic ads: a listing of hotels with photos and an average price.

When people select a hotel, they arrive on a page containing:

  • Photos of the hotel
  • A block to check availability and prices via the official website and tour operators if the hotelier collaborates with certain platforms
  • A glimpse of the surroundings
  • The possibility of selecting a room
  • Reviews left
  • An “about” block
  • The web results.

Holidaymakers can therefore make their reservations directly from the hotelier’s website.

Google offers several bidding strategies, which can be used in Hotel Ads campaigns:

  • Cost Per Conversion (CPA): You pay a percentage of the reservation.
  • Return on advertising spend (ROAS): you automatically set bids in order to increase bookings on groups of hotels, and therefore the income generated. You achieve an average return on ad spend equal to a target amount.
  • Cost per target (CPC): You only pay when a traveller clicks on your ad. Bidding criteria can be adjusted depending on the navigation device, country of residence, length of stay, etc.
  • Commission (pay-per-stay): You only pay when a traveller completes a stay at a hotel booked through Hotel Ads. This option is only available for selected partners.
Google Hotel Ads

What are the benefits of Google Hotel Ads?

For hoteliers, there are three major benefits of using Google Hotel Ads: increasing website traffic, revenue, and having ownership of traveller data.

An increase in direct traffic ✈️

When users click on your hotel ad, they can click on your site and go directly to the reservation page: there is therefore a greater chance that the reservation will be made directly without going through a third party such as a tour operator.

If your hotel is already featured on Google Ads, the experts from our agency specializing in web marketing strongly recommend that you mix these two platforms in order to reach holidaymakers at different stages of their conversion funnel.

Indeed, when they see your Google Ads ad, they will probably be at the start of their searches, while clicking on Hotel Ads shows that they are more advanced in their decision-making process and ready to book.

As these two types of ads meet two different situations, you will be able to use Google Ads to work on your brand image and Google Hotel Ads to generate more conversions.

An increase in turnover 💰

As you can see, the users who clicked on your Hotel Ads and filter their results by date ranges and preferences are highly qualified leads.

For a hotel, it is therefore much more profitable to capture these leads directly than to collect them via a tour operator. Indeed, as most of them take a commission ranging between 15 and 22%, a hotelier can save part of this cost by setting up a Google Ads campaign.

Retain ownership of traveller data 🗃️

Another advantage of generating live conversions is that you remain the owner of your travellers’ data! Why is this important? Because in this way you collect valuable statistics and can continue to maintain the relationship with your customers, even after the check-out. By engaging them in marketing communications and activities and loyalty programs, you can be sure they will always have you in mind when booking their next stay!

” Hotel Ads will help you improve the visibility of your establishment on Google at a controlled cost:

  • More visibility, by reaching travellers who search for accommodation on Google and a real-time display of availability and prices
  • More bookings, since you redirect Internet users to your site or authorize bookings through Google
  • A controlled return on investment, with commissions varying between 10 and 15% on the net amounts of reservations.