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Each year that begins brings with it new trends for digital marketing, this time it is time to talk about web design 2021. Your site must keep pace with the updates that reach the market so that you can attract the attention of consumers in an effective.

There are probably some techniques that continue to be maintained due to their success, but there are others that are unknown to many. The idea is that you can know each one of them so that you have the possibility of applying them on your website, landing page or blog.

You have to be prepared to adjust your page based on the new 2021 web design trends. Every little detail can make a difference, not only in the structural part, but in how it is seen by the users who visit it.

Web Design Trends 2021

Web design trends 2021 are something that you should internalize as soon as possible. These will help you to keep up to date and to conquer all the users who browse your site:

1.- Minimalism very present in web design 2021

This year one of the trends that will stand out is that of super minimalist web design. In short, “less is more.” This means that you must work with a linear format, clean graphic elements, a clear screen and colors that harmonize with each other.

No matter what sector of the market you develop in, it is just as efficient for everyone. By having a visually aesthetic page, you avoid oversaturation and unnecessary elements. In this way, you get visitors to put their full attention on the really relevant aspects.

2.- Optimized loading speed

If you enter a page and it takes more than 3 seconds to load, would you keep waiting? Probably not, and this is what happens to many users. When they don’t see that the website loads at the speed they want, they don’t think twice and abandon it.

This directly affects results such as the bounce rate or the time the user stays on the page. For this reason, it is essential that you work on optimizing the loading speed of your website, not only during 2021, but permanently.

It is also important to note that the web pages that have the best loading speed manage to position themselves easily. They provide a good user experience and this is reflected in the search engines.

3.- Mobile web design

It is no secret that users currently spend most of their browsing on mobile devices. What makes it essential that you develop your web design based on the mobile version so that they have a good experience.

It should be noted that it is not enough for the website to have a responsive web design. Ideally, the user can be comfortable, saving him the task of scrolling to get to the information he is looking for. Without a doubt, this is one of the trends to take into account for this year.

4.- Bright and intense color palette

Another of the 2021 web design trends that will be very present is related to the color palette. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of bright, intense hues that jump out at visitors. It is a way to reinforce the message visually by applying very strong creative combinations.

This is one of the fundamental creative elements of a website, that is why you have to work on this aspect from the beginning. Study the psychology of color to find the right palette to attract your target audience.

5.- Floating elements

Calling the attention of users with the design of your website is one of the keys to deciding to stay on your page. And in this the floating elements can help you, which must be complemented with texts, images, etc.

These elements are a kind of moving effect, but they remain static. It is a visual aspect that undoubtedly stands out in the eyes of visitors.

6.- Fonts and fonts in bold

Without texts a website makes no sense. Although this is not new, it will always prevail as a trend. The style of the typography is important and for this you have to play with asymmetrical designs in the letters of the website.

By using them in the right way you can highlight titles, messages and the call to action to capture the user’s attention. One of the most used is the popular San serif, since it is a simple and easily readable font, ideal for working with large blocks of text.

To this is added the variant that allows highlighting the title, subtitles and key words or phrases. This is what is known as “Bold”, a main focus whose purpose is to reinforce the message.

7.- Combination of photographs with graphics

The mixture of photographs and graphics will also be a trend. The combination of these two types of visual content is not only creative and modern, but also very eye-catching. Of course, make sure they complement each other; the idea is not to take the center stage from the image.

You have different options to work with these mixtures of graphic elements: you can use geometric figures, lines, brushstrokes … Let your creativity fly!

8.- Dark mode

Lately you may have seen pages with options to change the background. This is because since 2020 many websites began to implement dark mode. This trend was started on social media and some brands have taken it to websites.

This option allows users to change the tone of a website and substitute dark colors for light ones. The visitor is given the freedom to select the mode with which they feel most comfortable when navigating.

9.- Sticky elements (sticky)

Among the web design trends 2021 you will also find elements with a sticky effect. It is a good idea to keep what interests you the most in view of the users while they continue browsing the rest of the page.

You have to set the element that you want to always see, it can be a CTA, form, image, menu … When the user reaches a specific point, said element will remain stuck or fixed in a certain part of the page.