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These trends are what mark and will mark the style of web pages of all types of brands and companies.

Trends Web Design

Scroll and more Scroll

We are all used to lowering the mobile screen to see more information on the web, this trend is not only mobile but it is also a strategy to follow for computers.

Being able to have an intuitive web page that through the Scroll and buttons is able to take us around the web, is a way to manage the success of the web appearance and functionality.

Flat Design

This concept is based on the simplicity of a website; a menu, icons and images to manage the entire page.

A clean website, high quality for the user, fast loading speed, with smooth layout and an elegant graphic design are perspectives of the new virtual reality.

A clean website, high quality for the user, fast loading speed, with smooth layout and an elegant graphic design are perspectives of the new virtual reality.

Responsive mobile web design

Nowadays no one should consider creating web pages without providing a responsive web design (for mobile).

More than 80% of searches and daily use of the internet are consulted via mobile and that your website is not adapted is probably the worst mistake that can be made.

Storytelling and copywriting

A web page is the window to the world of companies, the place where your story must be told with highly optimized writing precision.

The web is the place where users will decide if we are a brand they want to trust or not and the texts, images and videos on the web must be our fundamental tool.

Improve Web Speed.

The speed of loading on all the pages of a website is still a constant struggle today throughout the online world.

This trend that has existed for years is more alive than ever, since online competition has increased a lot in recent years, especially with the appearance of WordPress.

Currently, the vast majority of web pages that are created are through this format, since it is an easy system to create and manage, although html is probably more effective in different ways, such as loading speed.

Ecommerce web design, how to create an online store?

There are a large number of types of web pages: informational, user management, customer acquisition, product sales, etc.

In the case of ecommerce, the search for a multidisciplinary team expert in creating pages optimized for inbound marketing, with direct landing pages where users can easily and quickly buy products, without getting lost along the way, is what any person should look for. person who wants to design and develop an online sales website.

The e – commerce has spent years paying off in the Spanish economy but it is becoming more difficult since the competition is tougher, even in the micro-niches and the local market.

Web design price

In the case of the price for a website, it is necessary to assess the necessary technical work.

There are several factors that will modify the budget for web page development.

In addition to web treatment, different needs for your project must be taken into account (social media management, seo, sem advertising, etc.).

SEO web positioning

Without SEO, without positioning, it is like being without a web.

A key in the strategy of any online business is to have experts in SEO, both at the IT level and in content creation, so that increasing your position and visibility in Google is not a headache.

Getting traffic, really qualified traffic (with a complete seo plan, internal and external seo, link building, indexing, etc.) is the necessary piece for digital success.