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To adapt to changes in social media marketing, it is essential to try the best Social Media tools. Those capable of enhancing the reach of a digital strategy on these important online platforms. We will tell you in this post take note and take advantage of its benefits!

The 5 best Social Media tools

As trends change, technology advances. So Social Media tools also become more powerful. It is necessary to use the most practical so that the social media marketing strategy gets the visibility and reach you want. Without further ado, let’s go with the post:

1 # Hootsuite

Surely on more than one occasion you have heard or read about Hootsuite as one of the best Social Media tools, and that is how it is. This platform leads our top 5 for being one of the best known, versatile and functional.

Hootsuite is a web and mobile application that allows you to manage, from a single site, different profiles on social networks with a single dashboard. It is a very easy to use platform, and its varied functions make its use easier.

With this tool you can, for example, schedule posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or another social network. In addition, it is possible to upload audiovisual content, updates, leave scheduled blog articles, or follow up conversations and interactions where your brand is immersed.

The best? All this you can manage from a single panel. So zero complications. The tool offers you a free 30-day trial. After that, if it convinces you, you can hire some membership; contemplate from the most basic plans to the most complete plans.

2 # Union Metrics

It stands out among the best Social Media tools, since it focuses on the analytical segment. Union Metrics is a platform that monitors Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, focusing on the value of content.

So it takes into account factors such as the consumption habits of potential users. That is, at what time of day and week the target community is most active in the different social networks. And, in addition, it is able to detect who are the most influential users for your brand.

This tool provides you with analysis of your competition, as well as recommendations for the most suitable content that you should publish. Best of all, it offers you geolocated reports, and differentiated by language. So you can optimize your strategy by segment, if the results suggest it.

If you prefer, you can try Union Metrics for free for a couple of days. However, to access its best features it is best to acquire a membership, which best suits the scope you want to obtain.

3 # Socialbakers

When it comes to understanding the behavior of your target audience, Socialbakers is one of the best Social Media tools that you should become your great ally. This platform allows you to work intelligently to learn more about how your target community behaves.

Among its main virtues, it helps you to increase the customer base through the personalization of the content to be published in the different social profiles. In addition, its main characteristic: learning about the audience and knowing what they really want to see, is what has given it recognition in the social market.

Like the previous tools, you can start with a demo test. Then, to access better functions you will have to acquire some membership.

4 # Buffer

When it comes to easy-to-use Social Media tools, it is impossible not to mention Buffer. It is an intuitive and optimized platform, specially designed as a multiplatform tool to automate content on social media. It also offers an instant way on how to make the posts.

One of its main attributes is that it allows you to manage any type of content under publication patterns. That is, you can specify whether “every day” or “certain days a week” is published.

And, it is an ideal tool to track your social marketing campaigns. It even has the ability to evaluate which is the most effective and appropriate for each social platform. Like letting you know why a certain publication has achieved so much scope and visibility, when this happened.

Free accounts are limited to a single set of social media accounts. You can maximize the functions by acquiring some membership.

5 # Sendible

When it comes to managing multiple social accounts, in the case of your customers if you are a Community Manager, Sendible is one of the best Social Media tools you should consider. You can also use this platform to manage your different social profiles.

And this tool creates unique ticket trays for each brand, to which any member of your work team has access. So communication is facilitated and streamlined.

The tool provides a content engine that constantly suggests new material, depending on the topics to be addressed in each social profile. Right here is where his attributes stand out, since he also has an editorial calendar. This will allow you to meet the deadlines for publication, maintain order in publications, and plan the content to be published well in advance.