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Creating titles that fall in love at first sight to the user is, without a doubt, a challenge for those who create content for social networks, email marketing or write a blog. Moreover, right now, everything should try to improve the positioning and image of a brand on the Internet.

Despite what has always been believed, the tactics to create a top title are almost similar in all online media. However, there are, as in everything, specific aspects to consider according to the type of content you are generating. Do you want to know how to make your titles fall in love at first sight to the reader? Well do not miss the advice that comes next.

Titles for Social Media

Extension, impact and precision are the three basic pillars on which any title for any social media action must be established.

1 # Title / Content

Every title should convey a basic idea of ​​the content it presents. But, sometimes it is catastrophically difficult without falling into conventions, booklets and phrases that tell nothing. Therefore, first of all, you should ALWAYS make sure that what you want to transmit in the copy has the perfect consistency with what the rest of the content presents. Only then can you be able to create titles that fall in love on any field or topic.

2 # Psychological impact

Another of the main objectives that every copy must have is to be able to generate a positive impact on the user’s mind. To achieve this, you can use any of these elements that we add below.

Surprise factor: novelty and surprise have always been one of the elements that have generated the most engagement in social media. Giving the user the opportunity to know something new before other people, will give your brand a certain prestige compared to the rest.

Use questions: knowing the doubts or concerns that your users may have, is a good tactic to capture the attention of the users of your brand through the use of questions.

It encourages curiosity: offering curious or complementary data on topics already known to your community is quite effective thanks to the so-called “curiosity gap”. The human being is curious by nature; help him to satisfy that curiosity from the first moment.

Descriptive messages: perhaps some of the most compelling titles are those that provide guides, tricks, tips or ways of doing something.

Personalization: making the reader feel identified and encouraged to interact, is a great tactic to increase engagement with your content.

Timely information: Including specific data in the titles will capture the attention of readers interested in a particular subject. Remember to keep what you promise and provide valuable content.

3 # SEO optimization

The next step once you have achieved your perfect title, will be to make users who surf the web give your content in a simple way, don’t you think? To do this, you must perform a small SEO optimization.

Build how you build your irresistible title will be of no use if it does not meet some basic SEO requirements, such as using clear and concise terms. No stereotyped language. Be technical in this way, the reader will quickly understand what it is; Do not forget to include your Keywords in the title. But be careful, do it naturally and without exaggeration.

4 # Extension according to the medium

Another fundamental factor in writing an irresistible title is, without doubt, the platform on which it will be published. You must be up to date on the ideal extension according to the medium. For example, on Twitter, of the 280 characters allowed you should discount those from the URL of the tweet, plus hashtags, mentions and spaces between terms.

Also, keeping in mind that you need to position in SEO, that you are again, brief and concise is a priority.

And … in email marketing?

In essence, writing the title for your new email marketing campaign does not differ much from RRSS or content marketing. So, you can’t forget these tips when creating your latest newsletter.

Encourage the opening from the «Subject»: it includes a call to action within the same holder; you will get the user’s attention quickly and easily. Of course, avoid formulas that can be considered spam by different mail managers.

It generates a sense of urgency: the ideal is always that the user opens the email as soon as possible, if not, he may never do so. So you must always generate the need for urgency or novelty.

Customize the subject: make the most of your database data. Go to each of your subscribers in a personalized way. What better way to get their attention is to focus on their particular needs?

Go to the point: short, simple, concise and less than 50 characters. This should be the text you choose as a subject for your newsletters.

Novelty factor: everything new attracts attention. Especially if they are topics of interest to the user (database). “Discover the latest news of …” works. That’s for sure.

It offers solutions: once you have taken the step towards maximum personalization based on the interests of your users, you know what each of them needs from your brand. Therefore, take advantage of this advantage to create hook issues.