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Customizing the covers of featured stories has become an extremely relevant factor in highlighting your brand profile. And is that little by little Instagram is showing improvements in favor of personalization. For both brands and personal accounts. The truth is that the highlights or stories highlighted on Instagram are something extremely relevant that deserves our attention. So in this post we want to give you tips for you to consider when customizing your own story covers.

Tips to customize the covers of stories highlighted on Instagram

Rate the featured stories

Ideally, you should define in advance what sections you will highlight in your brand profile. Of course, first of all maintaining a strategic coherence with the personality, the general concept of your brand and the content strategies to use. That is, avoid publishing irrelevant content that is not related to your brand.

For example, if you have a technology store, it is best to classify the stories into: Smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, etc. Or, frequently asked questions, success stories with customers, promotions and discounts, services, communications, or others. This makes it easy for the user to locate the information that really interests him.

Keep a style in harmony with your brand

As we always said, creating a coherent brand concept is extremely relevant. In order to keep you in the minds of your consumers. Well, it is easier for them to remember a particular design, a specific typeface and a particular logo. And no different variations of each of these elements, in fact, this only distracts them from what is really important: the content.

So on the covers of your featured stories it is necessary that you create a harmony from the colors, the typography and the background, to the icons to be used. Basically, this is the first step of personalization. From here, everything, visual coherence is crucial to keep your potential users oriented.

Define what resources or tools you will use

To customize the covers of the featured stories you have endless options in graphic design tools, so this will not be a problem. For example, you can use Photoshop if you have technical or advanced design knowledge. Or if you are looking for simpler applications, you can use Canva, it is ideal for creating attractive stories. In addition, it is very simple to handle, it has different templates, filters and decorative elements that will be very helpful. You can use its web version, or download it for Android or iOS.

As for the icons to be integrated into the covers, you can download them on Flaticon , it is a website with an extensive range of graphic design material. Of course, consider that the platform is in English, so if you want to search for an item, try writing the word in English.

Set the background you want to use

It is best to make a textured background to make it more attractive to the user. Or if you want to use a color palette, try to match the visual concept of your brand. Otherwise, you can simply place a white background and create contrast with the icons and other decorative elements.

Whatever your choice, remember that everything must go in perfect harmony. In this way, it will be easier for the user to remember your brand.

Do not abuse the design

Even when we seek to personalize the covers of featured stories, it is also not necessary to overload it in order to attract more user attention. The most ideal is to keep a fresh and professional design. Not much, not much, just what is necessary to highlight the colors and, above all, to emphasize the content that can be enjoyed in the section. When it comes to visual identity, sometimes small details become more professional than extravagant designs.

Keep in mind that although this functionality is extremely novel and practical, you should not abuse and overload your profile with so many content in stories. The idea is that you share the information you most want to be seen by your users, maybe about 5 or 6 sections will be more than enough. And try to keep them updated at all times to avoid obsolete content in your brand profile.