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You already know the elements that you can add, but it is important that you know some keys to design your creative footer for the newsletter. All this information will facilitate the creation process, so take note of the following tips:

A.- Make it simple

The footer is the complement of your newsletter. Therefore, it should accompany the newsletter template but not overshadow it.

For this reason, it is recommended that you make a simple design and that at the same time it does not escape the view of the subscriber. And remember to use a font and colors that facilitate readability.

Avoid saturating the footer with a lot of information and leave relevant links such as the unsubscribe or privacy policy links visible. If you place it in text, make sure that the letter is not tiny.

B.- Rank the content

Take into account that you must organize all the elements that you want to place at the bottom of the email. For example, at the top you can add the social media buttons. Thus, the user will immediately perform another action, since they will probably visit your profiles and follow you.

Next, you can place the link for the subscriber to unsubscribe whenever they want. And you can end with the copyrights if you have them and the privacy policies that are usually in a smaller print and with a link.

C.- Use HTML background colors

To make the footer of your newsletter stand out more, you can use an HTML background color. In this way, users can more easily distinguish it and not ignore it as they usually do with these types of endings.

This is a simple but effective way to visually explain to the reader where the newsletter ends and where the footer begins.

D.- Remember the responsive design

Something that you must keep in mind when working on any strategy is responsive design. Remember that currently most users open emails from their mobile devices.

Therefore, you must make sure that both the body of the email and the footer are optimized so that it looks good on all types of screens.

You have to validate that all the information you put in the footer of the email looks good on any device. In this case, it is best to make a single column layout, with legible text. And above all that the buttons and links are easy to press from a smartphone.

There are cases in which some email design tools allow you to include conditions to hide or show certain parts. This happens when they are opened from mobile devices. Thus, the elements with less relevance are not displayed so as not to leave the footer so low.

As you can see, it is not difficult to design your creative newsletter footer, following these recommendations will be much easier.