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APIs are much more than a technological tool: they are the most powerful instrument to discover new business models or to catapult those already known in a company.

It would be difficult to understand the true value of APIs for a company only as a communication vehicle between applications. That is, APIs understood as tools designed by a programmer to bring data from one platform to an application without which the second one could not work.

The APIs have promoted a new model of communication between companies and the community of developers, where the opportunities to collaborate among them have multiplied. Application development interfaces facilitate the search for synergies in and out of organizations, is a simple way to incorporate services, products and external processes to a company or facilitate the same to the outside, with the possibility of monetizing each idea. The APIs have completely changed the way of doing business: more open, more democratic, where talent is an opportunity to generate business.

The APIs are the central core on which an organization of the future should be built, especially with two important milestones within any strategic plan:

Cost reduction

The APIs greatly simplify the creation of products and services and, therefore, the ability of a company to quickly launch an idea to the market.

Reducing the known time to market considerably supposes a cost reduction and increases the chances of final success.

Test means earning money before

Shortening the launch time to the market not only reduces costs, it also avoids unpleasantness. The sooner a product or service is tested with the customers, the sooner the noise will be eliminated, the dispensable, and the more interesting features for the user will be known first. A shorter time to market means improving and achieving a successful product beforehand, with the capacity to generate income and business.

What do the APIs bring to your business?

  • They provide different channels of access to business information to accelerate internal application / platform development processes.
  • They offer collaboration with partners or suppliers in a fast and safe way while guaranteeing a pleasant service experience.
  • They facilitate the development of applications strongly anchored in a business logic thanks, to a great extent, to the user experience of the clients.
  • The public APIs serve to strengthen the relationship with the community of developers and boost the brand of the company as an open company.
  • The APIs aimed at third parties with whom they can create products at low cost is a way to new lines of business.

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