The flood of leaks on this year’s Galaxy is a non-stop, perhaps because there are three or even four models for this new batch. The last thing is some images that add more fuel to the fire of the screen perforated of the Samsung Galaxy S10, with a double camera for the S10 + model.

The change from the Galaxy S8 to the Galaxy S9 was rather minor, with correct and relevant updates that could be expected with the usual current renewal cycle. But it seems that this year both the design will undergo a change, both in that front (which remains undamaged before the notch) and in the back, forcing to enter the triple camera car as we saw in the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018).

Screen with hole, double front camera and goodbye, rear reader

Currently we can say that the South Korean company has fronts to everyone’s taste, having terminals with traditional frames, the new Galaxy M with notch and the Samsung Galaxy A8s with perforated screen. Of course, what we saw in this Galaxy A8s is a little discreet and seemingly bigger hole (or the edge of it) than the HONOR View20, but it seems that this changes talking about the range stops.

What we have seen for the Galaxy S10, for the three or four, is that they miss the fashion of the notch and that they would further reduce the minimum frame they already had to carry the front camera (or the cameras) and place them behind the screen, which conveniently will be perforated. And in the last filtration that comes to us by The Verge we see quite clearly a so-called Galaxy S10 + with a perforated screen for its double front camera.

It is a filtration of 91Mobiles, affirming that they are official images for the terminal press. Some images that also allow seeing that the Samsung Experience interface would also come with some changes according to the icons of the lock screen that are observed.

The back part also coincides with previous filtrations and presents a horizontal strip for the triple camera, although this time it is not a projection that also includes the fingerprint reader. Where would it be located? As leaked yesterday , all Galaxy S10 integrated the fingerprint reader on the screen, which would be optical for the most basic model (Galaxy S10 Lite or S10E, according to rumors) and ultrasonic for the top models (Galaxy S10 and S10 + ).

From three to five flagships

Thus, it seems that what we will see on February 20 will be three new top of Samsung range, which would include the most powerful processors in the house and Qualcomm region (Snapdragon 855 and Exynos 9820). The fourth would come later to incorporate the support to 5G, we do not know if also with that 1 TB memory module that announced the other day, or if this will be left for this year’s Note.

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If everything is confirmed, there will be a lot of change with the Galaxy S line : a more clear back (relatively, the reader goes but more cameras enter), a front that says goodbye to the upper and lower mirror frames, a renewal of the interface and maybe up to five flagships (counting the Note). It remains to wait, and already with February started the thing smells of much advancement to the MWC.