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How many Apps have you downloaded on your mobile? Surely some of your social networks, news or messaging, the truth is that since you surf the internet and create your account on Facebook, Instagram, spotify, etc … you are granting a wealth of information to supply all the data we find in the Big Data, then these data are used by companies to offer you the things they know you will like, so it is not surprising that when you browse an X page, you suddenly see advertising that article that you are so desiring. But that is not the only benefit that Big Data and Apps bring to companies and Internet users.

Just enter the Google Play or the App Store to find you with a lot of Mobile Apps, so develop a good application and that it wins the trust of users is not easy.

A Mobile App must be simple in terms of visualization and features so that users are interested in downloading it. To achieve this, developers must know each user very well, and the best way to obtain that information is thanks to Big Data data. Understanding how users interact with an App and what their behavior is as they use it, allows developers to find solutions to improve the user experience of their Apps.

Some companies propose to develop Apps capable of discovering and recommending content to users, by means of an Artificial Intelligence engine that allows us to offer our clients committed and truly interested users in their brand and the more you are using the App, the more we know about him and his likes.

Should all industries take advantage of Big Data and Apps?

With a resounding If we answer this question. According to a study presented by Facebook, by 2020, 61% of Latin Americans will be online. (The world average is 52%). In addition, 85% of interactions will be done without a human being, so we know that no matter what industry your business belongs to, your potential client is using Apps and of course providing data to Big Data.

Remember that each user is a potential customer for your business, and the way in which the Apps provide information and attend each user in a personalized way is an extra point for your business. The Mobile Apps will also help you to facilitate and streamline processes and achieve a digital transformation, which is indispensable now that we are starting to experience the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For example, if your company is a consumer market you could make use of these valuable tools, by developing an App that provides each user with an ID associated with their credit cards, which in turn will allow them to study their purchase data and Later, offer discount coupons on items that you know are of interest to you, even when they are about to run out, to encourage you to make your purchase.

This is your moment to take advantage of these technologies, do not stop seeing how your competition makes use of them first. By the way, does your company already have a profitable Mobile App to sell more?