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With almost 20 million downloads, WooCommerce is the most popular online shopping platform on the market. And the data confirms this, since almost 40% of all ecommerce have been built with this WordPress plugin. But this is not surprising since it has many advantages that make it the favorite of most online entrepreneurs.

The advantages of WooCommerce

Is free. Download WooCommerce is totally free. However, despite being free and open source, WooCommerce offers many features that are paid through their extensions and additional plugins.

It’s easy to use. The management, modification and update of products in WooCommerce are very simple once you become familiar with the platform.

It has high customization options. It has many templates of all kinds, many of which are free, which you can customize to get an ecommerce to your liking. Once you select the theme you want to install, you can start making changes to the colors, adjust the code and experiment with the special features that each theme offers.

Provides reports and statistics about your online store. Knowing how your online business is working is essential to make adjustments and keep increasing your sales. WooCommerce offers you reports in reference to sales, customers and the stock of your products, among other things.

It has many extensions.  WooCommerce works without problems on its own, but has a lot of extensions that can add functionality to your website, some of which are free.

It’s SEO friendly.  With WooComerce you can optimize each page of product that you have in your online store, thus improving your position in the Google ranking.

Very scalable WooCommerce allows you to improve and expand your online store and your product catalog. You will only be limited by the hosting package you hire.

Speed ​​and safety is also important

The web hosting company SiteGround, due to its extensive experience in the world of ecommerce, recently organized a technical breakfast with selected partners in collaboration with Fernando Tellado, one of the most influential members of the WordPress community in Spain and creator of the ayudawp blog.com.

In this event, we talked precisely about what we mentioned earlier. Thanks to its great flexibility, with Woocommerce you can have a highly optimized and personalized online store in a simple way. Its installation is very easy, it comes with thousands of themes and plugins to choose from, it is optimized for SEO and with the right hosting choice you can make it as big and fast as you want.

And it is worth nothing to have a nice online store with good products if it is not efficient. For this reason, at the end of the presentation, Fernando Tellado presented the new product of SiteGround: a premium hosting for WooCommerce. With these hosting plans you can have a secure, fast and very scalable online store. SiteGround offers a great platform of servers with SSD disks, which comply with the PCI, offer free SSL encryption certificates Let’s Encrypt, and free CDN, PHP7 and other powerful technologies. It also has a one-click installation of the WooCommerce package with the official Storefront theme, as well as technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.