Like WordPress, Woocommerce has thousands of plugins and add-ons.  These extensions add new features and help you grow your business by adding added value to your eCommerce developments.

In this article, we will help you improve your WordPress  with the 5 best WooCommerce plugins  .

So read our recommendations and install these plugins immediately!

We will analyze the main characteristics and benefits of:

  • YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier
  • WooCommerce Checkout Manager
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices
  • Jivo Chat
  • Booster for Woocommerce

Let’s start!

No. 1 | YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

Although many Woocommerce plugins allow the zoom function in the individual product pages, today we will recommend YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier, due to its simple and easy customization options.


  • When you move the mouse, an enlarged image of the product will be displayed.
  • The zoom area can be customized.
  • You can easily enable / disable the zoom on mobile devices.
  • You can add an animated carrousel with the image thumbnails of the product.
  • You can also customize the behavior of the slider.

No. 2 | WooCommerce Checkout Manager

WooCommerce Checkout Manager allows you to customize and manage the fields of your WooCommerce payment page.

Reorder, rename, hide and expand the fields of the payment page in the billing, shipping and additional sections.


  • Add new fields to the payment page and reorder them.
  • It converts into optional payment fields.
  • Delete and create mandatory fields.
  • The added fields will appear in the order summary, purchase orders and order management.
  • Activate / Deactivate the “Additional fields” section in the summary and purchase order
  • Fifteen (15) types of fields included: Text field, text area, password, single selection button, multiple selection box, selectable options, date picker, time selector, color picker, header, multiple selection, check box multiple, country, region, file selector.
  • Compatible with WPML, WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note, Store Exporter Deluxe, WooCommerce Order / Customer CSV Export.
  • Show or hide fields for different user profiles.
  • Customers can upload files on the payment page.
  • These fields can be modified in the account page of your clients.
  • Create conditional fields.
  • Create fields to delete taxes.
  • Create fields to add additional quantities.
  • Replace text using the Text / HTML editor.
  • Allows customers to upload files on the order details page.
  • Show or hide a field only for a specific product or category.
  • Shows the payment method and shipping method used by the customer.
  • Deactivates any field added in the details page of the order and in the receipt of the order.
  • Save the information of the fields for the clients when they navigate through the payment page.
  • Deactivates fields of the billing address for certain products subject to shipment. This makes them only visible in virtual products.
  • Date selector: Change the default format (dd-mm-yy), set a minimum and maximum date, deactivate days of the week (Sat – Sun).
  • Date selector: Includes restrictions on both the start and end times, defines the minute interval and enters labels manually.
  • Area to insert your own custom CSS.
  • Shows the time of the order.
  • Define a default status for the payment.
  • Data added in the Import / Export fields.
  • Label fields can accept html characters.
  • Changes the position of the added fields: Before the shipping data, after the shipping data, before the billing information, after the billing information, or after the order notes.
  • Insert notices: Before the customer’s address fields and before the summary of the order on the payment page.

No. 3 | WooCommerce PDF Invoices

This Woocommerce plugin allows you to quickly generate PDF invoices, automate the billing process generating and sending your customers the summary of your campaign.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices generates invoices automatically, attaches them to WooCommerce email notifications and sends PDF invoices to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Egnyte of your customers.


  • Generation and file of automatic PDF invoices.
  • Create or manually delete an invoice in PDF.
  • Connect with Google Drive, Egnyte, Dropbox or OneDrive.
  • Use the multiple highly customizable templates.
  • Advanced table with refunds, discounts, columns of article tax rates and more.
  • Download the invoice from the My Account page.
  • Mark invoices as paid.

No. 4 | Jivo Chat

Although JivoChat is not necessarily a plugin for Woocommerce, it is a tool that all eCommerce must have.

JivoChat is a customer service tool that allows you to talk with your prospects on your website, Facebook, Email, Phone, Telegram and Viber in real time.


  • JivoChat has a free version and paid version
  • Excellent design you can customize the colors of the chat window to match your brand.
  • It is adapted to mobile phones. Works with any device, in the most modern operating systems, browsers and mobile phones.
  • Proactive invitations Create automatic messages to display as soon as the user lands in your eCommerce.
  • Jivo is smart. Create automatic responses according to user behavior. Example: If the number of pages visited is equal to 3 and the title of the current page is “better umbrellas” and the time on the page is more than 10 seconds … then JivoChat shows the following message: Hello! Are you looking for an
  • Umbrella? Can I help you choose the model you need?
  • Jivo allows you to attend multiple visitors at the same time, which is impossible to do through the phone. The application has many features that allow improving the efficiency of the team and facilitates daily work.
No. 5 | Booster for Woocommerce

Booster for Woocommerce truly represents an all-in-one solution for eCommerce developers, providing basic and advanced functionalities to create powerful e-commerce stores.

This pack includes 100 plugins with new functionalities in prices and currency (like massive update, price or wholesale price formats); new buttons and labels, new product options (such as feed xml or crowdfunding), new payment options, shopping carts, orders, emails, invoices in pdf, export tools ….

Booster for Woocommerce includes the following features
  • Button and price tags
  • Tags of Add to cart
  • Call to ask the price
  • Custom price tags
  • Free price tags
  • More button labels

Cart & Checkout

  • Cart with personalized information
  • Customizing the cart
  • Check Core Cores
  • Checkout Custom Fields
  • Checkout Custom information
  • Checkout customization
  • Review files
  • Coupon code generator
  • Empty cart button
  • Mini cart

Emails and custom functions

  • Emails and misc.
  • Administration bar
  • Reinforcement administration tools
  • Custom CSS Booster
  • Booster Custom JS
  • General reinforcement tools
  • Reinforcement modules by user functions
  • WPML Booster
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Custom emails
  • Email options
  • Verification of email
  • VAT number of the EU
  • Export tools
  • My account
  • Remove slugs from old products
  • Reports
  • URL coupons
  • User tracking

Orders and shipping

  • Address formats
  • List of administrator orders
  • Custom order numbers
  • Custom shipping
  • Left for free shipping
  • Maximum products per user
  • Order custom statuses
  • Order minimum / maximum quantities
  • Minimum amount of the order
  • Orders
  • Shipping Calculator Customizer
  • Shipping descriptions
  • Shipping icons
  • Methods of sending by minimum / maximum amount of the order
  • Methods of shipping by products
  • Methods of sending by users
  • Shipping options
  • Shipping time

Payment methods

  • Custom payment gateways
  • Payment gateways by country or state
  • Gateways of payment by currency
  • Payment gateways by shipment
  • Payment gateways by user function
  • Payment gateways Currency converter
  • Payments and discounts of payment gateways
  • Payment gateway icons
  • Minimum / maximum passes of the payment gateways
  • Payment gateways by product or category

Billing and packaging documents in PDF

  • PDF Billing and packing slips

Prices and currencies

  • All currencies
  • Bulk price converter
  • The exchange rates
  • Currency for external products
  • Currency per Product
  • Multicurrency (currency exchange)
  • Base price of the multi-currency product
  • Offer your price
  • Price per user function
  • Price formats
  • Prices and Currencies by Country
  • Open price of the product (name your price)
  • Price of the product by formula
  • Buy global discount
  • Wholesale price


  • Add to cart Button visibility
  • List of administrator products
  • Reservations
  • Cost of goods
  • Crowdfunding
  • Custom product tabs
  • Product add to cart
  • Product complements
  • Product availability by date
  • Product availability by time
  • Product in bulk Meta Editor
  • Personalized visibility of the product
  • Images of the product
  • Product Information
  • Product entry fields
  • Product listings
  • Product visibility by country
  • Product visibility by user function
  • Products by page
  • XML feeds products
  • related products
  • Sale Flash
  • SKU
  • Classification
  • Values
  • Tax visualization
  • User products

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