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Uncertainty, adaptation to changes and technology are aspects with which firms today should consider if their projection is to grow and increase their client base.

To achieve this, it is necessary to consider technology as an ally for business growth. However, it is very important to analyze which technological tools are the ones that fit the business.

In the previous analysis that is carried out, aspects such as the objective of the tool, the budget allocated for the development of the platform, the projected time in which the project is to be in operation must be taken into account, and also to be clear about who is going to lead the project with the software provider.

Some tools that are considered vital for a business are:


They are used to streamline sales processes or new contacts, you can have an overview of active customers and the opportunities that are about to close.

Some CRMs offer them with a free version; however, if other functionalities are required, they have an additional cost. Among the most common options are: Odoo, Insightly, Hub Spot.

Web page

Some businesses at the beginning only what they need is a page that allows them to stay in contact with their customers 24 hours, however there are also web pages that involve a more personalized development in order to connect with other systems of the company.

An example of a web page that with a more advanced and complex development is the case of LX Costa Rica, a real estate company that was awarded the Web Quality Certificate (WQC) and nominated as a finalist in the Certification Awards of Quality of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (LeadingRE).

Facturation system

The finances within an organization must be as organized as possible, which is why many companies use software that helps them order aspects such as billing customers. These systems are already developed so that they can be configured according to the country’s legislation as well as the company’s terms and conditions.

Some examples of billing platforms are Odoo, Zoho.

Internal communication tools

Communication is of utmost importance among collaborators in general or among those involved in the same project or area of ​​the company. That’s why tools such as skype, slack, whatsapp or google mail, allow people to stay in constant communication with customers.

Project management system and documentation

For some companies that work with projects it is important that all the documentation generated is properly filed electronically either in the cloud or an electronic device such as hard disk, maya key or CD as well as physically in an exclusive file of the project. Google Drive allows you to save important documentation and other more advanced platforms such as Atlassian solutions, which have JIRA to manage projects based on the agile scrum and confluence methodology that stores all the information generated from each project.

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