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You have asked yourself at some point the question: What similarity does technology and motivation has?

We know well the technology is relevant at the level of computer systems; that help to develop solutions in many areas and needless to say the contribution it makes to organizations when optimizing complex tasks.

Likewise, technology can be considered as a resource that motivates people to adapt to changes, but what happens to those people who find it a bit stressful to adapt to technological systems?

If you are one of the people who have had a “bad” experience with technology and this has led you to suffer a discouragement in your work we want to tell you that everything has a solution. The experience he had can be an impulse to help others to be more objective and even have a greater motivation when facing technological challenges.

Technology is the basis for the development of processes that allow us to advance with greater ease and flexibility in the dynamic and changing world. This in turn collaborates with the performance of tasks to give organizations a boost to stability or to achieve goals and objectives in the short, medium or long term.

Motivation is also the basis for achieving goals, whether internal or external, it helps to achieve dreams and allows, despite adversity, to always find the reason why they are going to carry out this activity. As mentioned by Abraham H. Maslow in the pyramid of needs, we all have to climb in our pyramids to reach a self-realization that allows us to have constant satisfaction in life.

Now, you may ask yourself: What is motivating about having an unpleasant experience with technology in order to motivate others? It is simple, you are a connoisseur, and your experience can motivate others to conquer a challenge, change the thought that something is difficult or complicated. You already have a tool that can help you get ahead and, above all, help others achieve their goals; remember your best option is to be motivated, the thought that you have of yourself is what makes the difference and in every occasion of life that has presented a difficulty has allowed you to grow in knowledge and experience.

Remember technology drives us to new challenges, new knowledge and many times we can think that we have to leave our comfort zone to be able to do things or as some would say “survive the change”, however, at some point I read: “No you have to leave your comfort zone, what you have to do is expand it ”

Do not forget, everything is temporary, but, it is up to you to move forward and nobody can give you what you have yourself  Motivation!

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