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Initiated by Snapchat and taken up by Instagram and Facebook, Stories have become a new means of communication, widely used by Internet users on social networks. This format is exploding on Instagram and offers your business a great opportunity to communicate in an innovative way and boost your visibility and your turnover. This is why you need to know about Sponsored stories on Instagram.

How to use Instagram Sponsored Stories in your web marketing strategy?

Want to reach consumers where they spend the most time? These are the Instagram Stories to aim for. The rapid rise of this format testifies to the scale of the phenomenon. In October 2016, 100 million Internet users used Stories every day, and today there are more than 300 million, according to figures from Instagram.

If consumers have adopted them for a while, brands are still a little cautious. However, it is for you the opportunity to tell your story in an original way and to encourage the Internet user to convert!

Today, users are looking to discover new products in Stories. Indeed, ⅓ of the most viewed Stories come from company accounts. Do you want to be closer to your customers? On Instagram, users are very engaged. Note that 1 in 5 Instagram stories receive a direct message! These formats can therefore allow you to meet your business challenges. Whether it is to meet awareness objectives (coverage and repetition, video views, etc.) or conversion objectives (conquer new prospects, conversion, click-through rate…). In addition, the whole point of using Sponsored Stories also lies in the targeting. You can thus target your customers according to socio-demographic, behavioural and geographic criteria.

Three formats: Stories, Carrousel and Canvas

There are currently three different formats of Sponsored Stories. In the form of a video of 15 seconds maximum, you will find the Stories, the Carousel and the Canvas. However, we must therefore distinguish between organic Stories and Sponsored Stories.

Stories are Instagram’s “basic” format, in the form of a photo or video that you can also promote. The Carrousel allows him to offer three different contents in a row. Finally, the Canvas is the latest innovation from Instagram and offers an immersive experience to users, like a mini-site displayed on the screen. These formats fit between the organic Stories of Internet users on Instagram.

Sponsored Stories: Best Practices on Instagram

Have you decided to switch to Sponsored Stories? The experts at our web marketing agency in Rennes advise you to make your brand appear in the first 3 seconds, to use text and visual elements to communicate your message, highlight key elements and integrate sound into your Stories. You should know that more than 40% of Stories are videos, and 60% are read with sound. Unlike the videos on the News Feed, the sound is essential in Stories. The power of Instagram, and of social networks globally, is well established! They are essential to boost your sales and develop your notoriety. Do you want to set up an effective social media strategy? Quickly discover our white paper to deploy the strategy you need!