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In April 2018, there were more than 4 billion Internet users, including 3.3 billion registered on social networks according to Le Blog. Today, social networks are attracting more and more users who do not hesitate to register on various networks. Results? Registration rates are on the rise! Yes, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Snapchat have become essential for users, but not only. Businesses are also embracing social media. Why? Because they have become a real acquisition lever to develop the business and the notoriety of your brand! This is why you need to know the advantages of social networks.

Why use social media as a business?

Do you want to develop your business and your relationship with your consumers? Choose social networks! Indeed, the French Internet user spends an average of 1h22 per day. It is therefore the ideal place to reach your consumers where they are present and available! Whether you are in BtoB or BtoC, social networks are a great way to make yourself known. The main thing is to choose the right platforms! In addition, it is also a unique space in which you can interact directly with your targets. Instantaneousness, loyalty, customer acquisition: the advantages of social networks are not lacking.

Promote your brand

Social networks allow you to meet your goal of notoriety. You can talk about yourself, your products, your new products, but also inform your consumers of news in your sector of activity and thus attract new customers! Also, if you have a blog dedicated to your business, then social media is a great way to showcase your articles and drive traffic to your blog.

Retain your community

Thanks to social networks, you can establish a close relationship with your consumers. Indeed, instant messaging will promote direct interaction. By creating your own universe, Internet users will be able to feel that they belong to a group, a community. For this, it is important to set up meetings with your customers and above all to encourage discussion and sharing. And, you have to know one thing: the more loyal your community, the less it will cost you. Indeed, the cost of acquiring a customer is significantly higher than the cost of loyalty.

Generate new contacts

By offering posts that link to your site, your blog, or even to a landing page, you maximize the chances of acquiring new contacts and thus boost your turnover! Once your hot leads have passed through your site you can retarget them with advertising as well. This is called retargeting: this is a technique that consists of displaying advertising banners linked to the interests shown by the Internet user during his navigation.

Boost your SEO Do you want to complement your SEO strategy? SMO (Social Media Optimization) actions can then be useful because they allow you to improve the popularity and visibility of your site thanks to external links (backlinks). The SMO in fact designates all the techniques and levers intended to boost the image of a site or a brand on social networks. The SMO is in fact one of the pillars of natural referencing. Google is vigilant and observes your activity on social networks.