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Whatever your core business, the success of your business largely depends on the success of your website!

However, the performance of a website is directly linked to its positioning on the pages of search engines, including Google. This is why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential part of your strategy! This is how you will be able to improve the visibility of your site on Google, by appearing on the first page, but also its performance.

Setting up an SEO strategy is of course essential to have better results. But it is also crucial because the algorithms of search engine robots are constantly evolving and the rules of yesterday are no longer those of today! So, to stay in a good position on the first page, follow our advice!

How to optimize your natural referencing?

Optimizing the SEO of your website cannot be improvised! To build their ranking, search engine robots, such as Google, take several specific points into account:

  • The technical structure of the site (including tags and meta)
  • Popularity (links)
  • The contents of each page (texts and images).

Operating a single lever is of little interest: it is the sum of all your efforts that will have a positive impact on the positioning of your website in the sum of links on the pages of search engine results (SERP)!

SEO: essential for marketing strategy

Many companies are cautious about implementing an SEO strategy. However, the benefits are numerous and lasting!

In this white paper, you will be able to discover many tips for carrying out your SEO strategy, but also the advantages that you will have to do so.

Define your priority keywords to control your positioning

The keyword is the word or phrase that an Internet user indicates when performing a search on Google, Yahoo or another search engine.

The keywords relating to your activity and their semantic field must be found in strategic locations in the content of each page of your site, because this is what will allow it to appear in search results, and to l Internet user to find you when they search on Google.

Gain visibility

An effective SEO strategy should allow you to position your site well on the keywords we have told you about, and thus increase the number of visits. A well-positioned site inspires confidence, it is a good indicator of the relevance of the content for Internet users!

Increase your traffic and generate more leads or sales

SEO is the most effective technique to generate more traffic on your website.

His strength? Do not only increase traffic, but qualified traffic: it is about bringing Internet users to each page of your site who will find real interest there.

Visitors will be more likely to stay on your site, come back to it, read the content or take conversion actions (subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing a product, etc.). And these actions are to be encouraged, because they help to make you gain visibility and reputation, which Google and the search engines perceive as positive signs.

Position yourself ahead of your competitors

SEO is an undeniable competitive advantage: when your site is well positioned and efforts are maintained, it becomes more difficult for your competitors to get ahead of you. In addition, an SEO strategy can help you stand out from your competitors, for example by identifying a niche in which to position yourself or by offering truly differentiating content.

What will you discover in our white paper?

Produced by our SEO experts, this white paper will give you the answers to all your SEO questions, such as:

  • How quickly does SEO act?
  • How long to put in place an SEO strategy?
  • How much does an SEO strategy cost?
  • What is the difference between SEO and SEA?
  • How to get listed on Google?
  • How to find your keywords and add them to your pages?
  • How to properly manage your content?

In addition, we will give you lots of advice to prepare your SEO strategy:

  • Why and how to do a lexical audit?
  • Define the tree structure of its pages
  • Have a good technical base
  • Write good content (hot and cold texts)
  • Understand what a tag is and how to optimize it (texts, images)
  • Prepare the net linking (external links) and the mesh of internal links
  • Use tools to analyze his site (s).

An SEO strategy has a cost, that’s for sure. And yet, optimizing its natural referencing should be considered while being aware that it can only be profitable for your site, especially in the medium and long term.