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Nokia 7 Plus was announced during the Mobile World Congress in February in Barcelona. Even with a daring design in copper and matte black, between the return of the “Matrix phone” (also from Nokia) and the competition range tops did not have much visibility. However, after experiencing it, we were (rather) captivated.

The solid construction of keeping metal keys with a corner-to-side screen can make it seem at first glance that the Nokia 7 Plus is a phone just like so many others. Then look at the back of this device and see a look that is different in a Smartphone market where it’s hard to be original. The dual rear camera, flash and fingerprint-centered sensor prove: Nokia not only created an  efficient Smartphone prepared for the next few years, but also created an elegant device for those who do not want a mobile phone just like the others.

As for the picture quality of the 6-inch screen, although not dazzle like the AMOLED of the iPhone or Samsung, shows to be competent. There is no 4K or retina, but there is high definition (FHD + 1080p) that does not disappoint even when you want to watch videos on YouTube. Already the sensitivity of the screen, which has the option of “wake up the screen” with two tones, is fluid and fast. Here the Android One operating system, the Google software version with no extra applications from the manufacturer, also helps speed response time to access applications.

Fast, smart camera, but the Bothies still do not get

The Nokia 7 Plus comes with a Snapdragon 660 processor, 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal memory. In addition, it is possible, through mini sd card, to extend the capacity of the device. In practice, it is a fast device that will not give headaches to those who like to store many photographs. Allied to the battery of 3800 milliamperes, which while we tested, even more intensively, gave perfectly for a day of use (leaving the charger at 8 in the morning to only return at 23 with 19% battery still), in terms of specifications o 7 Plus shows to be at the level of what one would expect by value.

Although the double 12-megapixel 12-megapixel rear camera delivers in low-light conditions – in night-time photos or in brightly lit pictures or, if we reduced sharpness, we noticed grains in the photographs – the overall results were quite competent. The 16 megapixel front camera has achieved the best results, proving to be an almost ideal mobile phone for selfies (or “bothies “, photos with two cameras that Nokia continues to insist is going to be “a scene”).

We left the best for the end, Google Lens. This Smartphone has originally installed the new Google application that, through the camera, detects objects and buildings. That’s right, a Google for what we see. In most of the tests we have done, from monuments in cities to food dishes, not only did we learn to be competent in what you promise, but it is a very useful feature (it is easier to know which church is beautiful on vacation).

Final verdict

The Nokia 7 Plus is what the Nokia 8 should have been. An irreverent mobile phone, efficient and simple to use (and does not heat so much). Nokia being back is no longer news. Now, having Smartphone’s that show you’re here to stay (again), that’s another story. That alone makes the Nokia 7 Plus one of the most interesting Smartphone’s we’ve reviewed this year. The only reason for not having five stars is the official price being 450 euros (in practice, after all, with rounding would have 4.5 stars, but would be up and here it is not possible to qualify with half stars). And attention, despite being resistant, is not officially “resistant to water and dust” (which also did not pay for classification) and has no wireless charging.