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The new Redmi brand already has a second terminal that adds to the Redmi Note 7, but also brings a novelty to the global Smartphone catalog of the Xiaomi Empire. The new Redmi Go does not receive that surname by chance, since it is the first mobile that comes with Android Go.

Thus, the line of the Mi A with Android One now adds at least this first terminal that incorporates one of the operating system versions of Google without the own MIUI layer on top . A version that seeks to be the right software for the most basic terminals and that fits with this mobile range of entry.

5 inch HD without notch to see everything in “Go” format

In 2017 Google announced the launch of Android Go, a version of its operating system dedicated to rescue the most basic smart phones. In fact, it was designed to empower entry-level phones with a condition that ensures this: it could not be installed on smart phones with more than 1 GB of RAM.

A system that does not allow customization and that has apps designed on demand (YouTube Go, etc.), and that we can now experience on Redmi phones. We can do it on a 5-inch screen with HD resolution, 16: 9 aspect contrast ratio 1000: 1 and 380 nits of maximum brightness according to the manufacturer.

We will see neither notch, nor hole nor a frontal one that looks for to beat records of aprovechamiento by part of the screen. The design is rather classic, with traditional frames and horizontal and vertical symmetry inherited from the previous basic Redmi, and without a fingerprint reader that bursts into any of the surfaces.

A basic and resurrected hardware

The engine of this Redmi Go consists of a Snapdragon 425 processor accompanied by 1 GB of RAM (the top to integrate Android Go, as we said) and reviving a processor of 2017, something that allows the most basic software of Google. The storage is also somewhat limited in conjunction with the rest of the hardware, but at least there is an option to expand it with a microSD card of up to 128 GB.

To feed all this Redmi Go has a 3,000 mAh battery. You could not expect a very large battery being a small terminal (it must be defined by its 5 inches diagonal), although it is not thin with a thickness of more than 8 millimeters but it is light, weighing 135 grams.

A rear camera on a very clear back

We are seeing that the triple and the quadruple camera reach the mid-range and that the double camera seems almost the past, but if we talk about reducing the price to the maximum or a mobile that gives for the most basic use, photography must also be the minimum. In this way, the Redmi Go has a single rear camera with an 8 megapixel sensor, accompanied by the 5 megapixel front.

The LG V40 Thing officially arrives in spain

As we have said, it is a mobile phone that does not have a fingerprint reader, neither on the front nor on the back. The design is very simple and continuous with previous Redmi, with curved sides and being available in blue and black.