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Today, for a brand it is more than necessary to create promotions on social networks. A practice in continuous growth if we want to gain visibility in the digital world.

Why are social media promotions such an effective practice? Very easy.

A person spends about 6 hours a day using his smartphone, whether to surf the internet, on a social network or using other types of apps.

An upward trend, but fewer and fewer people keep their social media profiles updated daily.

This data is reaffirmed by Facebook in one of its latest data analyzes. The social network consisting of about 1.4 billion daily active users denotes that there has been a decrease in the use of this popular social network on a daily basis.

And you will wonder, if there has been a decrease in the time a user browses a social network, why should I invest in advertising?

Easy, how many times has it happened to you that you have entered your account on any social network and have only been able to watch the same viral video over and over again? And the same meme of kittens? Many rights?

Faced with this mass of content, investing in social media promotion is the only way for brands to be seen by users who form their potential audience quickly.

But, not only that, it is also the ideal way to generate notoriety and presence on the Internet. In addition to establishing a direct channel between its users and the brand. A channel available 24 hours a day.

Throughout this post, we will explain some of the advantages that come with creating promotions on social networks, as well as the necessary instructions to do it the right way on some of the best-known social networks.

Advantages promotions in social networks.

Achieve a high impact with a small investment: by investing a few euros we will be able to reach more like-minded people than with any other offline advertising strategy.

High level of segmentation: by interest, by charge, by geographical area or even by language. Social networks give us great segmentation power to fine-tune the impressions of our ads.

Different types of ads: greater flexibility of formats, timing and platforms where they are served.

Analytical: we can always measure the results easily during and after the completion of the promotion in question, and can make the necessary adjustments.

How do I promote my brand?

Depending on the social network where your brand is present, you will opt for some options or other promotion.

Next, we explain in a very simple way how you should create these promotions on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.


If Facebook stands out for something, it is because of its simplicity when it comes to creating and managing different promotions and ads.

In addition, an advantage that it has over other social networks is that we can promote our brand on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network at the same time.

From its advertising platform, Facebook Ads, we find several very simple options as we have already mentioned and which we divide according to “difficulty”.

But first of all, if we are going to carry out a promotion or set of ads, Facebook forces us to create an advertising account. That is, an account to which we will have linked our billing information and brand page or pages.

Ads can be based on photos, videos, sequence of images, be a presentation or gif, a collection or even by Messenger. It is also possible to promote a specific publication, your brand page, your website, or a call to action.

In turn, the most common objectives are:

Generate potential customers: where information about your potential customers is collected through interaction with the publication and through a contact form.

Offers: Facebook gives us the possibility to share discounts and special promotions with our community through an ad.

Interaction with the publication: to generate more likes, comments, or times that the content is shared.

Responses to events: increasing the notoriety of the event to get more answers is one of the biggest strategies of brands in social networks.

I like the page: a little investment to increase your social community never hurts.

Once the main objective for the campaign is selected, we must take into account where it will be served. And this varies depending on the multimedia content chosen.

We must remember that, for video formats, Facebook allows you to work with Audience Network, a network of applications and websites outside the same social network.

All our promotions will be served in addition to the user’s timeline at:

Facebook: instant articles, right column, Marketplace and in-stream video and suggested in the case of the video format.

Audience Network: Native, banner and interstitial, in-stream video and prize.

Messenger: Start (whenever in sequence format).

Instagram: Stories and news.

As for the payment system for ads, Facebook is based on the CPC or cost per click. It will only subtract your budget when the proposed action is taken.

The negative aspect is that the scope is affected by the budget you want to spend. That is, a larger budget, greater scope and vice versa.

To counter this negative point, a pretty good one. It gives us information on all campaigns in real time, in order to improve them daily to get the best performance from our promotions.


Why Instagram versus others to promote on social networks? You will be wondering. Because, according to their statistics on the behavior of their users, more than 80% of them follow at least one company.

More if you are in the fashion, travel or gastronomy sector. Sectors where the visual content predominates over the rest, and for which it is much easier to bring their presence closer to the users.

This way Instagram Ads, is configured as the perfect place to pour your advertising based on images and videos on your brand, don’t you think?

Like the previous social network, Instagram allows us to promote our brand in different ways, through photo, video, sequences or Stories. All this to achieve very marked objectives. Recognition, prestige and conversions to our website, app, etc.

How to create them is very, very easy, although there are different options. You can create your ad from the same Instagram app that you have installed on your mobile, from the ad manager (Instagram Ads), from Facebook Power Editor or through a partner. This last option is perfect if you barely have time to devote to your promotions.

Once you have chosen the platform you just have to follow a few simple steps:

Turn your profile into one of Company, if you do not already have it.

Set up the ad and targeting.

Set the budget.

To post.

Having a company profile on Instagram gives you certain advantages, such as a contact button, your business category and a link to your website in your profile.

In addition, you can have access to the countless metrics they offer you in order to measure the effectiveness of your management and your content from Instagram and Facebook.


Twitter is still the most popular social network to share news and content quickly and efficiently to all users.

Share goals with the rest of the social networks, get web traffic, get relevant followers and drive downloads of our app through tweets. All with a single purpose, that brands achieve their goals.

Twitter allows us to create campaigns based on our objectives, analyze performance and reach the right people thanks to the segmentation it provides.

In Twitter Ads there are several objectives to increase the visibility of our brand.

Website click campaigns: to increase the number of conversions.

Followers campaigns: to increase the community of followers.

Interaction campaigns: aimed at our most interesting content.

Campaigns to promote mobile apps.

All this carried out through different routes, such as:

Promoted accounts: your account is prominently featured in the suggestions in order to increase followers.

Promoted Trending Topics: turn your brand into one of the most popular themes of the moment. With this option the chosen TT will be visible for 24 hours.

Promoted Tweets: These tweets not only reach the followers of the brand, but also those who are not.

Analyze the results of tweets and other promotions is possible from the super intuitive panel provided by Twitter Analytics.

From there we can meet from the tweet with more interaction and engagement to our most prominent follower of the month. In addition to the performance of each of the promotions.


YouTube, the second most used social network by Internet users, offers YouTube Ads, another method to create and manage promotions on social networks in a simple way and in a few steps.

This platform is the social network par excellence of the video format. Great advantage over the rest, as brands compete in the same conditions.

By being here reduced the possibilities of formats only to video, YouTube gives us the possibility to choose between different types of ads divided into two large blocks, longer videos or shorter videos.

Within the block of long video ads, we find True View in-stream ads. These are only shown to your previously segmented potential audience, and most importantly, they will view it before the start of the video they wish to watch.

One type of such ads are True View Discovery ads. With this type of promotion, we will appear both on the YouTube homepage, and in the block of related videos, as well as in the search results. Perfect for reinforcing a particular message.

The cost of True View ads is articulated differently than the rest, paying only when the user:

Play the video for 30 seconds.

Play the entire ad or click on it.

As for the short videos, YouTube gives us only one possibility, the Bumpers ads. 6-second ads for mobile platforms.

YouTube is increasingly committed to this type of short ads, being one of the most popular formats.


LinkedIn, in addition to being the ideal social network for networking, is also the last leg of our journey on creating promotions on social networks.

Without a doubt, it is the network that we must choose for our promotions if we are a B2B company that seeks to expand its network of contacts and potential collaborators.

Depending on the budget we are willing to invest and the objective we seek to achieve, LinkedIn offers us different possibilities, including the following:

LinkedIn Ads: you can hire it yourself and it is also the ideal option if your budget is quite modest.

Regular ads: We will mainly use these types of promotions when we have to advertise a specific offer or a new product, for example.

Sponsored Post: it is one of the most profitable types of promotions on LinkedIn and with better results thanks to its central position within the user’s timeline.

Sponsored inMail messages: If what we are looking for is a direct contact with certain people, this is our option. This is a promotion that arrives directly to the inbox that only includes LinkedIn payment plans.

Once the different types and platforms where we can promote ourselves are differentiated, it is very important to clarify certain points before starting to create our promotions.

Segmentation: LinkedIn offers us different types of segmentation of our public, from the geographical area to the sector and position they can play in a certain company.

Budget: be careful! Some of these types of promotions have a minimum and maximum daily CPC cost. So, you must take it into account when setting your total budget.

Content: Always optimize the content and make sure it is interesting for the user to whom the promotion is intended. If not, all the effort will not have been worth it.