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Pinterest exceeds 250 million active users per month. And to this day, it is growing more than other social networks like Twitter. But it is true that not all companies dare to use this tool, or if they create an account, they do not use it regularly. Knowing how to use Pinterest for businesses can skillfully improve the results your business gets with this network.

What makes Pinterest so unique? This social network is based on images, whether drawings, photographs, infographics, videos or GIFs. We could say that it is the most visual social network. The purpose in it is simply to inspire or learn. For this reason, Pinterest should not be treated the same as Instagram, a social network that is based more on “appearance”.

Something you should keep in mind is that there are businesses that “have it easier” in this social network. Visual companies tend to triumph more on Pinterest. Some of the best examples are the photographic or bridal businesses. And it is also a study clarifies that 73% of Pinterest users are female.

Why use Pinterest for businesses?

Before I open up to explain how to use Pinterest for companies, it is better to know the advantages that this tool can bring you.

Of the best to promote: without a doubt, the most visual social networks are those that work best to promote products or services.

Position in Google images: Pinterest can help you appear in the first results of the images of search engines.

Inspire and teach your audience: users of this social network usually go to it to get inspired or learn something new in a more simple and attractive.

Take traffic to your website: how many other social networks, this is another great tool to achieve visits to your website.

Learn about Pinterest vocabulary

Each social network has a type of unique words that are used within the tool. These are the ones that you will need to know in order to use Pinterest correctly:

  • Pin: is the name given to the content that is uploaded to this network. That is, the infographics, the drawings … So, a photo is equivalent to a “Pin”.
  • Pinear: simply share a pin with your audience, one of your own.
  • Pinner or pineador: you are me and me. And all those users who use this platform.
  • Repin: is to share the pin or the pins of other users. Equals a “retweet” on Twitter. In order to share the images of another pinner, you need to give “save” your pin.
  • Board: is the place where all your pins are stored. You can create several and use them as categories.

The best tips for using Pinterest for businesses

Tweak your Pinterest profile: you must include your company’s logo and a small but interesting description of the brand.

Use the boards to organize yourself: if you only create a board, you’ll end up making a mess, and probably your audience too. Create different boards for different themes or categories. Of course, try not to do too many because if not, we return to them.

Place the boards: you can organize your boards so that the most important ones are located at the top of your page.

Do not forget to use the watermarks or the logo of your company: with this you will be able to publicize your brand and at the same time, you will prevent other accounts from using your pins as their own.

You can add hashtag: as in other social networks, hashtags are one more element. You can also include a brief description to your pins.

Position by keywords: a little trick to know which the best keywords for your publication are is to make a simple search in the Pinterest search. When you write a word, for example, Marketing, Pinterest will suggest others. You can include them in the description of your pin by adding them as a hashtag.

The images, take care of them: of course, all those images that you add must be attractive and have good quality. If your company does not work in the visual field, it is better to have a company that works with web design.

Size does matter: no matter how much you upload an image with good quality, if it is too small you cannot appreciate it well. In the case of infographics, this advice is much more important, since you will make it easier to read the text well.

Interact with your network: you can comment on other users’ pins or follow them.

The links … Do not forget them! Whenever you can, add links to your web page. One very important thing to keep in mind is that Pinterest does not allow using reduced URLs. Keep it in mind to add your URLs directly copied from your website.

Reward quality and value before quantity: you have to manage to get a good amount of pins, but adding value in all of them and of course with good aesthetics. Therefore, you must prioritize the value you transmit with them before the amount.

Share in other social networks: do not forget to link your Pinterest pins in other social networks and on your website.

Think of the mobile user: more and more users are encouraged to use the Pinterest App. How can you adapt your pins to the mobile user? The best publications for these devices are those that are in vertical format.

Never forget what you have proposed: you must perform a monthly analysis to observe and analyze the results you are getting in this social network. Depending on the pampering, you must make some changes or others to achieve the proposed objectives.

This is all you need to know about this social network. If you know how to use Pinterest for companies, you will be able to achieve the goals you set for yourself in this social network. Do you have any further questions about how to use Pinterest for businesses? You can count on me in the comments. I wait for you!