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All the art of a SEO SEO strategy starts with the choice of the keyword repository. Focus on relevant and timely keywords, phrases, and combinations of terms. Which find an anchor in the behavior of future customers. We often insist on this fact: get inspired by the real needs of the users. Think SEO strategy to improve the search experience of your future customers, not just to improve the SEO of your products.

Any keyword strategy can not be limited to a list of selected terms based on the search volumes and levels of competition  they present.  Do not be fooled by the endless lists of very generic keywords produced by keyword generators at Google Ad Words and others. Focus on the process of buying your buyer personas  to  find the right keywords. Because each step of the decision-making circuit invokes a particular keyword repository.

Let me explain: as a general rule, depending on their level of maturity in relation to the product or the brand, customers go through 3 main steps before making a purchase: consideration, comparison, conversion. At each stage, they use different expressions and keywords . Let’s take a concrete example, which concerns the … web marketing. Let’s project the path of a TPE customer, full of questions about the launch of his online store.

Discovery, the neglected stage of natural referencing strategies

In the first step of their buying process, consideration, web surfers look for generic information on a topic: e-commerce website traffic

Some keywords sought on this theme:

  • increase online sales
  • increase e-commerce sales
  • competitor website traffic
  • estimate website traffic
  • google website traffic
  • website traffic know
  • website traffic estimate
  • free website traffic
  • google website traffic
  • know competitor website traffic
  • website traffic estimate
  • traffic estimate of a website

In a more advanced stage of the 1 st stage, the client is likely to seek:

  • natural referencing paid search
  • SEO SEA difference
  • natural or paid SEO
  • SEO seo definition
  • paid search definition
  • buy google keywords

It can be difficult to position oneself on this kind of highly competitive keywords. This is why you should use this repository “in the background” in all opportunistic content: tips, blog articles, native advertising, etc. In addition, the conversion potential of these keywords is not very high since users are not ready to make a purchase at this stage.

Checklist – ^ –

Have you created generic pages on your website? That is, pages to address general issues related to your services and products? In the example above, we will tend to schedule a series of articles or folders on the topic of online sales, e-commerce, the launch of an online store.

These pages would aim to exploit a general lexical repository on these topics: online sales, online sales site, e-commerce site, e-commerce good practices, e-commerce traffic, e-commerce site traffic, … It s ‘So acts inspirational texts, “content services” to consolidate the general semantic field, which link, of course, to sales pages (products, solutions or services).

The comparison or the art of associating concepts, naturally

Prospective customers are still refining their search and moving towards a selection of options. They are looking for ways to solve their problem: low e-commerce website traffic, solutions to increase web traffic, … and quickly come to select and compare several options.

➜ Keywords are more solutions oriented. Typically, they are found in “category” pages of services or products. Or in counsel files, which compare several ways of dealing with the problem. There is no question of treating this lexical repository on the product or service page, as it is here: we are still in a general semantics.

  • Price purchase of google keywords
  • Purchase Competition Keywords
  • Keyword Purchase Campaign
  • Buy google price keywords
  • Buy keyword brand
  • Buy keywords on google
  • Buy keyword on google price
  • Buy keyword google rate


  • google free natural referencing
  • google natural SEO training
  • google natural search guide
  • seo natural SEO google website
  • google natural search tutor
  • how does google SEO work
  • improve your google SEO
  • google SEO natural search algorithm

At this point, the expressions are more precise. It is advisable to work on associations of keywords here: the keywords coming from the first group, and a new series, adapted to the behavior of search of the future customers, who begin to control the subject: sea, paid referencing, to buy of traffic, attracting traffic, buying keywords,

The final stage of the buying process or the so-called Holy Grail

Future customers will decide. It is the value proposition and the user benefits that will make the difference. In their research, they enter terms to check the advantages and disadvantages of a service, a tool, a brand, a commercial offer, …

➜ These keywords are very timely in trend articles, case studies, comparative solutions, … to help customers make up their minds.

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  • adwords campaign
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  • certified adwords agency
  • adwords agency montpellier
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  • SEO agency seo how to choose
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Compile the 3 separate keyword lists

As you can see, the keywords that customers use in the Consideration, Comparison, and Conversion stages provide a different conversion potential . To meet all target profiles and cover the entire spectrum of searches, we recommend creating 3 keyword lists , which you will then combine to form long tail queries .

But before you begin, do not forget to define search patterns that are typical of your target audience: consider the pressures, needs, questions, and brakes of your target audience . For example, a TPE or a small e-commerce store will not have the same resources as a major player. Similarly, it will not use the same language and therefore the same keywords. Spend time on forums, social media, etc. to learn the language of your target community.

Internal research, a good indicator for natural keywords

Internal search on your site  is a valuable source of information about the search terms your target audience uses to understand and compare your products and services. These data are particularly useful for a SEO strategy. On the one hand, you get “real” search terms , on the other hand, you discover relevant data on the demand and popularity of some of your services and products. In-house research is one of the few ways to directly access relevant keywords. Tracking internal searches on your site is also quite easy to implement. If you use Google Analytics , see this help article to configure Site Search .

When you understand how your customers are talking and what words they use, you can set up your keyword list:

  • Prepare a list of action keywords that customers could use in the “Compare” and “Buy” steps as part of their queries. Do not add product or category names to these keywords yet. Example: “buy”, “purchase”, “price”, “compare”, “notice”.
  • Make a complete list of brands available in your service or product portfolio. Example: “SEA”, “SEO”, “keywords”.
  • Compile a list of categories, product names, services, and their main properties , such as features or application. Example: “web content”, “product sheets”, “newsletter”, “e-mailing”, “landing page”, “Lead Generation”, “Loyalty”, “Increase of traffic”, …

Mix keywords to get natural expressions

Once you have established the three keyword lists, you will be able to check their popularity and competitiveness in the appropriate tools. Then, with those you have kept in your repository, switch to the composition of search phrases . Combining generic keywords with keywords product and their properties should give you dozens of keywords “long tail” . Example: “improve natural listing product listings” or specialized agency adwords to promote landing page or even ”  natural SEO google free web content