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Today most companies point to a need, that of Digitally Transforming, and many are already doing it, others still have doubts and fears, but something that we will make clear in this article is that Digital Transformation is not a fad, it is a If companies are not willing to do it, they will have many disadvantages compared to their competitors, if they are doing so. The presence and facilities of technology in a digital market forces companies to adapt and assume this reality.

According to   SalesForce “Digital transformation is the use of technology to radically improve the performance and reach of companies.” We live in a digitalized world; there are many more actions that we can perform from a mobile. Transformation goes beyond using social networks and having a website. In this article we will analyze the need for companies to include a Mobile App in their Digital Transformation to improve their retention of current customers, attract new customers and to streamline internal processes.

The world of Mobile Applications in Digital Transformation

Most users have already made their digital transformation in a personal way and for them it is usual to move on the Internet and within the Apps, they are accustomed to using Mobile Apps for their tasks related to business: banking, health, information, shopping, etc. That is why your company must be there to offer a digital experience, to which your customers are accustomed today.

It is worth asking, when users search the Play Store or Apple Store for an App related to the services or products you offer, is your company or business there for them? Remember that your competition competes to offer new experiences to your clients, if they do not find your company; they will leave with the competition. The figures of use of Smartphones to make inquiries, obtain information or even make purchases do not stop increasing. You can use the enormous advantages of an App for your business according to your industry, for example if your thing is a clinic or hospital look what you can do with an App:

  • Notify users when their next appointment is.
  • Remember the users when they have to take their treatment
  • Users have a history of exams and consultations on their mobile
  • Users can receive personalized tips on topics related to their diseases
  • Users can write symptoms they are presenting; using Artificial Intelligence the App launches an alert if it considers that the symptoms require you to visit an emergency doctor.
  • Among other

There are jobs that require that people are not always in offices, for example salespeople, architects, medical visitors, etc. that’s why a business App in these cases is paramount, because being away for a long time can not access the systems they use in the office, and although they can carry their laptop, it tends to be somewhat uncomfortable. Here, Mobile Applications are key in the digital transformation of companies because they provide mobility and access to the necessary systems for those who are on the ground, far from an office.