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More and more, Microsoft Ads is turning to prospecting and retargeting solutions. The proof, for example with the opening in beta in the United States of similar audiences, but also with the creation of personalized audiences. Two new products that could arrive in France in the medium term!

Microsoft Ads is constantly evolving its offerings to match the needs of advertisers. By leveraging artificial intelligence or machine learning, Microsoft Ads thus offers to go further than simple keyword targeting in your paid referencing campaigns. From now on, you can go further in your targeting strategies thanks to lookalike audiences and personalized audiences.

Similar audiences: for whom, for what?

If you’re familiar with Google Ads, you probably already know the system of similar hearings (or lookalike).

This feature allows you to reach Internet users with the same behavioral and demographic characteristics as those of your target, even within a specific region. 

The similar hearings are ideal to expand your prospecting radius, but also to increase your conversion rate, and thereby your ROI. Moreover, according to studies carried out by Microsoft, advertisers using similar audiences have observed a 70% increase in their conversion rate.

Personalized audiences: an effective complement

While lookalike audiences allow you to reach Internet users with profiles identical to those of your target’s, personalized audiences are segment-based retargeting solutions.

Concretely, to be able to use this function, your company must have a Data Management Platform (DMP), which will be possible to connect to your Microsoft Ads account. It will then be possible to simply import the lists of your personalized audiences from the DMP to Microsoft Ads, in order to set up retargeting targeting based on the terms of the typed query.

How it works?

From the Data Management Platform, you can carry out completely personalized segmentations, according to your business and your targets. Your database can be segmented by:

  • Purchase history
  • Recency (average time since last purchase)
  • Average basket amount
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Subscriber type
  • Customer journey stage
  • Etc.

You now understand the advantage of personalized audiences: you will actually be able to use the audience data you have at your disposal thanks to the segments created in the DMP and replicate them on your Microsoft Ads!

Using Custom Audiences has three advantages:

  • You are using audience data that you already have, so you avoid additional data management.
  • You ensure visibility of your ads to the most relevant audiences through the creation of segments.
  • This remarketing-like technique allows you to associate your ad groups or campaigns with audiences based on bid, target and bid, or exclusion criteria.

By associating personalized audiences and similar audiences, you can therefore create campaigns with particularly fine targeting criteria. By delivering the right message to the right person, you will not only increase your conversion rate, but also optimize your ROI!

Complete your targeting with product audiences and market audiences

Real allies of any marketer, product audiences are retargeting lists for products specific to your Shopping campaigns. Concretely, Internet users activated by a product identifier can be retargeted on products with which they have already interacted on your site.

This targeting criterion has been available in beta on Microsoft Ads since September 2019, and is equivalent to the Shopping retargeting lists available on Google Ads. Good news for marketers who wanted to further refine their Microsoft Ads campaigns!

According to tests done before the launch by Microsoft Advertising, the product hearings helped reduce advertisers’ acquisition costs by 40%, and increase the conversion rate hearings retargeted 100%.

The market Hearings (hearings or in-market, in turn, allow segmenting by business users has shown purchase intent (searches and clicks from Bing search engine).

Available in beta in France and a few other countries, this feature allows you to link market audiences to ad groups or campaigns. For your campaigns, the benefits will include:

  • An increase in conversions, since you reach an audience that is more likely to convert.
  • Optimization of bids and targeting, because you will be able to adjust your bids to your target audience.

In addition, in-market audiences are very easy to set up and track (without the need for conversion tracking tags).