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In marketing automation, a misstep has arrived quickly and can cost you a lot! While some mistakes are “simply” embarrassing, others can be seriously damaging to your campaign or, even worse, your credibility and brand identity . By going autopilot, you go faster and faster, with less and less control over the final content product delivered to your targets. Result? The risk of error increases. This is especially true for your e-mail communication actions : here are 6 mistakes to avoid at all costs when you implement automated strategies.

mistakes to avoid in marketing automation

The 6 mistakes to avoid in marketing automation

  1. Become a spammer

What horror, ever? And yet, this is one of the main drifts of email marketing automation . Because you can create and plan campaigns in less time and energy than it takes to say it, it’s easy to overdo it, especially if your stats are good. Be sure to script your mailings in a balanced, relevant and reasoned way . Think about the rhythm of life and purchase of your customers and respect the maturity of your targets. Do not push your messages to work, rather work on optimizing the user experience .

  1. Forgetting the human

It’s not because you switch to automatic mode, with acceleration tools working for you, that you have to behave yourself like a robot! Your customers are humans, and so are you . Do not forget to add a personal and personalized touch to your messages. Adopt an engaging tone, speak true and authentic . And do not forget to set up convincing triggers and incentives for your recipients.

  1. Stay in the handlebar

Just like any element of your content strategy, your marketing automation processes must have clearly identified goals and a set of tactics to reach them. Whether to optimize your lead generation, increase your customer retention rate or improve your purchasing service , stay focused on the purpose of your campaigns : acquisition, recovery, loyalty, etc. Be sure to create content and devices for each of these purposes.

  1. Monitor the wrong indicators

Which means marketing automation, necessarily says metrics and performance . Yes, but beware: it’s easy to be fooled by the numbers! Before you make good with an honorable opening rate, ask yourself the essential questions: do you get clicks and conversions and have you reached your final goals? A high open rate means that you have written a targeted and attractive subject line, but the click-through or conversion rate tells you how much you can actually convince and generate .

  1. Skip the tests

To make the right strategic choices and get to know your audience better , tests are a must, especially in marketing automation. Apart from the technical deliverability tests of your e-mails on all media, consider systematizing campaign comparisons on a sample of your database. Perform A / B tests   on the main offer of your e-mail, the subject line or the landing page. Identify the variants that are most likely to serve your goals and capitalize on your conclusions.

  1. Do not use your customer data

This is perhaps the most beautiful and magical marketing automation: the quantity and quality of data you can collect about your customers and prospects. It is also necessary to make good use of it, to produce targeted campaigns , carrying commitment and conversion. However, even specialists often break their teeth, for lack of strategic vision , knowledge or creativity. The secret is to take the time to analyze and segment , with good management of your customer intelligence.