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Get to know the best lead magnet ideas

The best lead magnet ideas can come spontaneously into your marketing strategy. These will help you draw the attention of potential customers and capture leads for your database.

But sometimes you may notice a lack of creativity. Therefore, here you will find some examples that can serve as inspiration:

1.- Mini e-book

One of the options you have to implement your lead magnet strategy is to offer a mini e-book. This is useful when you have posts on a related topic.

The idea is that it be relevant content that, in turn, allows you to promote your products or services. The important thing is to focus on a topic in order to reach the audience. And electronic books are great allies to meet this goal.

You make it easy for the visitor to search for related content and show them all in the same file. Remember to offer something irresistible through a good title.

2.- Checklists

If you are looking for an easy resource to create, you can opt for the checklist format. The round thing is that you can take a post from your blog and simplify it into a series of bullets.

You can choose to make a list of actions or tasks to be carried out, as well as relevant questions for visitors.

You can make your checklist in a printable format, so people can also have it physically and mark the items. It is a more interactive way that is sure to attract the attention of users.

3.- Definitive guide

Another quite complete alternative is to provide a definitive guide on some subject. Unlike the mini e-book, it contains information from different sources.

eye! It is not about copying and pasting the content of other blogs but about linking the original articles through links.

This gives the lead the opportunity to have more solid information on a specific topic. All those posts may already be on your blog but, as in the previous point, the user would have to perform a thorough search.

By creating a comprehensive guide, you are giving them the ability to have all that information with just one click.

4.- Bonus package

The more you offer, the more attractive it will be to the visitor, so you can opt for additional content. These are extra information about an article already published.

For example, if you have written about the 5 most popular design apps, you can add some updates to those that you have already posted and expand the information.

Bonus packages can be in PDF format, for example. These materials have exclusive information on a topic already developed on your blog. The idea is that you can develop other new points that are related to one of the topics already written.

5.- Templates

Among the many more popular lead magnet ideas that can be found, is that of providing templates to users. These are very useful resources to carry out certain tasks, so it is a good technique to attract users.

Depending on the sector in which you develop, you can offer functional templates for your target audience. From web designs to useful spreadsheets with default formulas.

The idea is that what you are going to give the user in exchange for their data is truly interesting and functional.

6.- Workbook

You can also implement a workbook. The one that is very effective, especially for companies that provide services. This is a downloadable resource, which serves as a guide for people who wish to apply your business strategies in their companies.

In case of choosing this type of material to attract new leads, you have to choose very carefully the content that you are going to place. Remember that this will be a kind of guide for other businessmen or entrepreneurs.

Also, you should use it as a means to expose your premium products and services. So don’t neglect the design a good call to action.

7.- Free courses

Currently, this turns out to be a highly demanded alternative by brands and companies. This gives the user the possibility of receiving valuable information through a course, either offline or online. Without a doubt, it is a safe and effective way to get leads.

You not only have the opportunity to complement and deepen on a specific topic. You can also publicize your products and services without being an invasive promotion. Additionally, you can generate a closer relationship with users.

8.- Study cases

Other effective lead magnet ideas for your recruitment strategies are case studies. It is very specific information on a particular topic or client, normally figures, percentages and graphs are observed.

Evaluate the most viewed contents of your blog and from there you get one to analyze it in depth. Ideally, users who want to download a case study leave their data (name and email) in a form.

If you are going to use a client in this content, you must ask for their permission. But it’s an excellent option because you can show leads how successful a former user was thanks to your resources.

9.- Free trials

Who is not attracted to the word “free”? Surely most, so take advantage and offer a free trial of your products or services.

Keep in mind that a person who has already tried them is more likely to make the decision to acquire them.

Without a doubt, this represents a great opportunity to convert a lead into a real customer. It is not the same to offer only informative content, that the person has the possibility of trying what you offer.

So, take advantage of all the advantages that this resource gives you to increase your database.

10.- Webinars

Have you decided on a webinar? If so, don’t think that they should be hour-long conferences with multiple speakers. Ideally, you can talk about a topic that interests users and which you are proficient.

It can be about some content that you have already published on your blog and that had good receptivity. You have the opportunity to express yourself in a way closer to people and even allow interaction.

Use in your videoconference, support materials such as presentations, images, videos, etc., so that the visitor can participate in exchange they must register, so you will get their name and email.

In addition, webinars are also ideal for promoting your products or services through your CTA. And best of all, it will not be perceived as invasive advertising, since you can persuasively integrate it into the content to be exhibited.

As you have seen, there are many lead magnet ideas that you can apply in your business to increase your database. You just have to see which ones best suit your strategy and put it into action.