Adapt to changing times is not always easy, not if you do not have the knowledge to do so. In a fully digital era, it is essential to know the key points in the management of industrial cyber security, which will serve to make this successful, adapting to the needs of the business in combination with the resources that are used today.

How to make good management of industrial cyber security?

Considering the next eight points management, the success of the security of your industrial system network is assured.

Know your industrial network

It is necessary to know where your information is moving, how it is, detail in detail, and your network system. You must know exactly the perimeters, what security domains exist and what technological security controls are available.

Surely you will realize that there are undefined points. Before embarking on something bigger, it is necessary to put a solution to this.

Forget the concept of isolated network

This concept is absolutely obsolete. If desired, an industrial network does not have to be isolated; it is just as simple as it is to not do it. This can easily be part of your corporate network. In fact, with the industrial Internet of things is already part of the Internet network.

This integration increases productivity and efficiency. The only thing necessary is to establish correct security controls that minimize the risks.

Have an adequate frame of reference

The management of industrial cyber security does not have to be difficult. In fact, there are international standards that have simple reference frames. These identify the gaps and are able, with this information, to generate different plans to reduce each problem in a specific way, offering resources for improvement. Thus, a baseline is created that will become, over time, an effective roadmap.

Formalize a governance structure

There must be a governance structure capable of managing industrial cyber security. This, of course, must be respected at all times.


You must create the responsibilities and assign them to each one of the roles of the workers that participate, always covering all the necessary organizational levels.

The purpose is to achieve an organization capable of efficiently managing security at the central and distributed levels, making the commercial, administrative and industrial versions integrated and allowing the system to converge with Industry 4.0, the IoT and IT / OT.

Generate a normative body

The three levels of your security system, operational, tactical and strategic, should have a complete regulatory body. This includes the identification of necessary documents, which should achieve, learn and implement in any of our actions.

Establish a plan for continuous improvement

No matter what we choose but it is clear that among our objectives should include continuous improvement; the way to get it will be using a resource as an improvement plan. Whatever it is, it must be based on virtuous cycles.

Assess vulnerabilities related to cyber security

Obviously, among the key points in the management of industrial cyber security we find the detection of vulnerabilities. These must be identified and classified, checking that the hardening is fulfilled in platforms and systems, working platform to platform, also examining the architecture of zones…

Have a healthy relationship between your cyber security managers and the counterpart

Finally, we will also have to work on the human factor. There must be a relationship between the governments of industrial and corporate cyber security, working, in fact, with a model that allows identifying the quality of this relationship and working on the gap analysis to use it with an improvement plan