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We have been working for a long time to provide all E Trend Talk users with different functionalities to allow them to save hundreds of hours in the management of their Instagram accounts and all their Social Networks … Now it’s time to announce 4 new  highly requested resources that will explode the engagement of your Stories and Publications on Instagram!

Discover all the new things you can do from E Trend Talk to enhance your Instagram account:

  1. Schedule videos for your accounts! (Stories and feed)
  2. Schedule publications of Multiple images in carousel format
  3. Add interactive content to your Instagram Stories with ArtStudio! Stickers, Location, Hashtags, Mentions, emojis and much more!
  4. Add location in your publications!

Best of all, these new features can be scheduled directly, without notifications or reminders! Let’s see one by one below:

1- Schedule videos for your Instagram accounts! (Stories and feed)

In Instagram (and practically any social network), posting videos regularly is one of the actions that reach and interaction can obtain, this is why now from E Trend Talk you can schedule videos in the accounts you manage, to be published 100% direct!

Start working more efficiently by scheduling your videos in advance!

This is how it works:

  1. Upload a video
  2. Select if you want to publish it in Feed or Stories
  3. Remember that you can add geo location if you wish!
  4. Select the date and time to publish, and that’s it!
2- Schedule publications of multiple images (carousel style)

Schedule multiple images in a post on your Instagram account and E Trend Talk will publish them for you in carousel style.

Show a product catalog or tell a complete story by scheduling up to 10 images to be published directly!

This is how it works:

  1. Upload multiple images (up to X images per publication)
  2. Select to publish them in Feed and the option to “publish all the images in a single post”
  3. Remember that you can add geo location if you wish!
  4. Select the date and time to publish, and that’s it!
3- Add interactive content to your Instagram stories!

Add interactive content to all your Instagram Stories and increase your account engagement!

Use ArtStudio to edit images and videos in seconds!

Add mentions, locations, hashtags, stickers and emojis in all your images and agéndalas for when you want!

This is how it works:

  1. Upload a video or image with a selected Instagram account
  2. Select the option to schedule in Stories
  3. Select the ArtStudio box to add elements
  4. Add the interactive content you want (stickers, location, mentions, hashtags) and then select “use this image”
  5. Select the date and time to publish and go!

You can too:

  • Select the Font and the color you want
  • Choose from more than 2,000 templates to get more inspiration
  • Select professional images from free stock (+100,000 available images)
4- Add location in your Instagram posts

In addition to the option to add Location in your Instagram stories, if you publish your images in the Feed you can also add your location in a very simple way.

Why add location in your publications?

Publications that include your location get 79% more interaction than those that do not; basically because users are more likely to interact with publications where they know where the image was taken, especially in photos related to products.