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Whether you have stores or you work in a point of sale (travel agency, real estate etc.), with the upcoming preparation for Black Friday and Christmas or simply as a general rule, you want to increase visits to your stores.

By combining sponsored ads on Google Ads and Google Maps with Google My Business, it is now possible to increase the visibility of your brand while facilitating the bridge between your website and your physical points of sale: from Drive to Store.

The Drive to Store? What’s this?

Concretely, once a Drive to Store system is in place, Google Ads is able to inform you about Internet users who clicked on your online ads and then went to your real points of sale.

You then have store visit data displayed in the Google Ads interface.

This tool is also useful for merchants who know the conversion rate of visitors to their points of sale and know the average basket of their customers. With this data, it is possible to estimate the turnover and profits obtained in stores thanks to the implementation of sponsored ads online.

It is even possible, by establishing gateways between the payment systems of physical points of sale and Google Ads, to escalate Drive to Store sales data to Google Ads.

Boosting the number of visitors to the store, the new Google Ads feature

The Drive to Store already allows you to link and know the data of in-store visitors and act as a bridge between Online and Offline. But it is now possible to steer the performance of your digital campaigns in this direction thanks to a novelty that has just been made available on Google Ads: maximizing store visits.

Google Ads offers to select smart bidding strategies that meet different objectives according to the needs of an advertiser (maximizing clicks, maximizing conversions, achieving a target cost per conversion, etc.).

These strategies can then be associated with a specific conversion goal according to the needs of the business, for example generating as many calls as possible from the site or as many contact forms as possible.

“Store visits” conversion data is now one of the selectable conversion choices. It is therefore possible to create dedicated campaigns to maximize store visits thanks to a defined budget scope.

This new feature is now available for all Search and Google Shopping campaigns of advertisers with store visit data in their Google Ads accounts. this is how you increase visits to your stores through Google Ads.