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Your followers are a great help in your marketing strategy! By engaging your followers to become nano-influencers and realize their role, you can increase the reach of your publications on Facebook without or before paying.

What is a nano-influencer?

A committed follower, the nano-influencer is, therefore, a shock combination between subscriber and ambassador:

  • The subscriber is present and follows your publications
  • The ambassador is faithful, and his word has a lot of bearing.

Be careful, however, not to confuse nano-influencer and influencer (or micro-influencer)! The nano-influence is done on an organic basis, naturally and without expecting any reward. Influence, it is generally done on the basis of remuneration (product, gift, sample, money, promotion, etc.).

The significant behaviour of nano-influencers

Here’s how to recognize nano-influencers among your audience:

  • They are active on your social networks (comments, reactions, shares, etc.)
  • They adopt an ambassadorial attitude
  • They act for free and with a good heart
  • They are aware of their actions.

Their role is instrumental in helping brands thrive organically, that is, without paying or before paying for advertising.

ICPTR: the Facebook algorithm

Facebook values ​​interesting and useful posts that create engagement. It highlights the ones that work best, making sure they follow a few guidelines, abbreviated ICPTR:

  • Interest
  • Publication
  • Creator
  • Type
  • Recency
Interest, a determining factor

This is the main criterion of the Facebook algorithm, and this is why you should always prioritize the relationship with your followers, rather than the quantity. As a Page, you can pay for reach, but not interest. The challenge of your publications is therefore to arouse it!

The more a user interacts with a Page, the more they will see their posts. By encouraging your followers to engage with your posts, you will ensure that they will see the following ones.

Most importantly, Facebook’s algorithm is made in such a way that when a user reacts to a Page post, some of their friends know it. You then understand the double importance of creating publications with high engagement potential! In addition to not missing any of your posts, their interactions will make them known to their friends and encourage them to interact in turn.

publications on Facebook

A high-performance publication

When you make a post, Facebook only shows it to some of your fans first. But if it receives a lot of engagement (likes, reactions, comments and especially shares), especially at the beginning, then it will appear in the news feed of other users.

You can’t buy the interest of your audience, but the feedback suggests to the algorithm that a publication is more or less interesting. Comments, in particular, are a strong sign of whether or not the algorithm values ​​your post.

Creator: interesting posts for users

If you produce a post that generates few interactions, the reach of subsequent posts will be limited. So you need to make interesting posts for users, which provide them with useful information. We, therefore, ban posts dedicated to self-promotion and we favor those that allow you to interact with your community!

The type of publication, central for Facebook

To engage your nano-influencers and increase the reach of your posts, you need to generate interest. And this also goes through the format you choose!

As a true Quebecer, Edith suggested that we imagine Facebook as a wood stove and drew a parallel between the different types of publication and the fuels.

  • Text publication: newsprint. These posts burn quickly and heat little: they generate little engagement and have a short lifespan.
  • Publication link: kindling. These publications have a lifespan only slightly longer than text publications.
  • Photo publication: the birch log. These are publications that burn fairly quickly, but heat up more than paper or kindling because they are more “shareable”.
  • Video publication: the maple log. Facebook is becoming an increasingly video-oriented platform: videos published natively are valued. These are publications that burn long and long.
Recency: a double factor

When a user connects to Facebook, the social network gives him priority to the most recent publications. Knowing your community will allow you to post at the right time!

You, the algorithm and the nano-influencers: a love story!

As you can see, nano-influencers play a crucial role in Facebook’s algorithm, which takes into account user behaviour to determine the relevance of a post or a page and show it to more or less the world.

To increase the reach of your publications on Facebook, you must therefore provide engaging, interesting and useful content to encourage your community to respond, comment and share.