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Before knowing the techniques of inbound marketing in Asturias or anywhere in the world, we must know exactly what the definition of inbound marketing is.

For beginners or newbies on the subject, we will give a brief explanation on this type of marketing strategy before starting with some of its more hidden secrets.

Inbound Marketing explanation

If you wonder what is inbound marketing? ATTENTION!

It is a marketing methodology that is based on guiding and leading users or customers from the moment of acquisition, information, purchase, post-sale, loyalty, etc. In conclusion, accompany the user from the beginning of the interaction process with our company.

Why has it become so famous? These strategies have been used by both large and small companies and the results are clearly positive, a higher percentage of web traffic, which leads to the visit of a greater number of potential clients, which increases the number of contacts or leads and increases the number of sales or services.

What is the key to inbound marketing? Advertising and recruitment have changed a lot in recent years, thanks to new technologies and segmentation functionalities, the appearance of new formulas for capturing organic and even paid traffic, making it possible to connect with new users in a non-intrusive way.

This is the key to the strategy, to be a guide that calmly accompanies and helps and not an intrusion that tries to push the user to buy quickly and abruptly.

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How to make an inbound marketing strategy in Asturias?

At first, the fundamental section is to increase web traffic or the reach of our company towards new users (and who are also potential clients).

By increasing the scope of the company, greater relevance, market value, brand recall, visibility and all the part that entails an improvement in business branding is achieved.

Thanks to a greater number of impressions and brand reach, a greater participation, interaction or interest of users in the company’s products or services will be achieved.

This will lead to a greater number of leads or contacts, which will increase our database. It’s starting to sound good right?  But how do you get it?

Inbound Marketing 360º recruitment examples

Website design and conversion pages

It is often said that a company’s website is like its digital showcase, but really a website would be a whole store.

A design with great usability, fast loading speed, style or clear and quality visual design, with copywriting and seo that increases engagement and positioning, a good strategy of conversion pages (product sales, form, submission of e-book, etc.) and many more features, are parts that have to be taken into account when creating a marketing funnel.

SEO Positioning Strategies

One of the fundamental parts of any inbound marketing strategy is to carry out a good SEO positioning approach. Through technical and content seo, and expanding web content with a blog, you will achieve better results of organic traffic that will increase brand awareness, increase reach and get a greater number of leads.

Iberia created a blog website under the brand name “megustavolar.iberia” that helped people find recommended tourist destinations for their situation, tastes and preferences.

Thanks to SEO, positioning in the Google search engine, and the quality of the articles, photographs and the target audience to whom it was addressed (people with the intention of traveling with specific needs such as the need for a ground-air connection who work together with AVIS, search for hotels that provide recommendations, etc.).

In addition, it provided a reassuring section for people with trauma or psychological problems such as fear of flying, the sea, etc. This tactic not only managed to attract new users for Iberia, but also reached a new type of potential customer.

SEM Segmented Advertising

Although it could be considered a somewhat intrusive advertising option, if the ads are well segmented (in search campaigns) by specific keywords and appropriate destination urls, it is a strategy similar to seo, only paid.

That the public find our page when looking for a specific query that they need to solve is a great handicap for our company, since despite being advertising, if it manages to solve their needs, it will not give them the feeling of intrusive advertising but of satisfaction.

Inbound Marketing in Social Networks

The platforms with the most engagement are social networks. Over time we have seen how social networks are a basic pillar of digital marketing techniques for large and small companies and start-ups.

The key to this model of attracting new followers and leads is the creation of professional quality content, maintain regularity and interaction with users and carry out advertising campaigns to increase the reach and number of followers, likes, leads and in conclusion, Of customers.

For the vast majority of companies, it is very difficult to maintain this type of digital tactics in a regular, professional and value-increasing way, which is why they turn to other professionals to manage their social networks.