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In an inbound marketing strategy, the use of chatbots is extremely interesting and beneficial. This type of modern technology allows, among other things, to expand your brand, focusing on the user experience. By comprehensively improving this element, the inbound strategy doubles its benefits.

Therefore, in this note we tell you more about chatbots and their help in optimizing the user experience.

First, what are chatbots?

For many, it is still an unknown term, so let’s briefly review what it means. Chatbots are programs based on artificial intelligence. Graphically represented by a dialogue scheme similar to any other conventional chat. Only that a chatbot is automatically programmed to provide answers and support to users in real time. In fact, 24 hours a day.

These chat robots emerged to meet the need to refine an inbound marketing strategy. Well, many times users requested relevant information from brands at times outside of normal business hours. Which in turn brought losses to companies for not answering on time? However, thanks to the digital era it was possible to adapt these automatic programs to increase the speed of response to user requests, complaints or suggestions.

Inbound Marketing Strategy: What are the benefits of chatbots in the user experience?

Now, let’s go to the most advantageous part, the benefits that chatbots provide to the user experience (UX):

Your answers are immediate.

If there is something that makes a user more desperate, it is not getting an immediate response to an urgent request that could define their purchase decision. Fortunately, with these programs based on artificial intelligence you have an instant response time.

The user will only have to wait about 10 seconds for the chatbot to respond to their requests in a personalized way. In this way, the user experience begins to improve, since response time is key to creating an enduring relationship with potential users.

They are more interactive

Many times, a traditional chat has limited interaction options when an inbound marketing strategy must be individualized and interactive enough to engage the user.

This is achieved with chatbots, because unlike an email response, these artificial intelligence conversations can include gifs, videos and sliders with a variety of content. It is also possible to share a form where the user can request more detailed information about a product and / or service of interest.

They are based on permissions

Unlike the annoying “spam” where responses are usually archived by email, in a chatbot the user must accept the sending of messages. What allows respecting your space, without invading it even when the user has not allowed it.

This creates trust and security in the audience. In addition, for the brand it is also an advantage, since they will send information and content of value only to interested users. This will avoid reaching large disinterested masses, and more to potential segments.

Strengthen your presence in the digital environment

An inbound marketing strategy that considers chatbots as a way to optimize the user experience will be more successful. It will also achieve greater recognition, more positioning and more visibility in the different virtual platforms.

The promotion of its products and / or services through platforms with great attendance of its potential users is extremely relevant. The good thing about chatbots is that they can also be integrated into the official pages of the brands. For example, on Facebook, so you can maintain the interest of your target audience, strengthening your digital presence.

They achieve a more fun experience for the user

It is impossible not to continue arguing that the experience the user has with your brand becomes more satisfying, interactive and fun. With the use of colorful emojis, a more entertaining and relaxed conversation is created. Getting the user to relieve pressure and have a more rewarding experience overall.

An inbound marketing strategy achieves its objectives when it makes the user experience totally positive. Chatbots are ideal for this, because they are synonyms for interaction, immediacy and respect the user’s space. Integrate them into your marketing now!