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In this post we give you some ideas that will help to get your customers to shop in your Shopify store knowing that the package will arrive even if they are not at home usually.

The delivery points are an ideal solution to solve this problem and each time they have more followers, along with tools and services that you can connect with your Shopify store.

The reality is that we are in a complex situation at the same time as something absurd. E-commerce continues to grow dramatically, there are online stores of all kinds and one can buy virtually anything online.

However, once the order is placed, you are in the strange situation of not being able to move from home while waiting for the messenger to arrive. Usually the package cannot be delivered on the first attempt and you have to agree with the courier company a new delivery in an uncertain fork and that forces us to remain waiting.

The “greats” of ecommerce are aware that this impediment can slow sales, so they have not been slow to try to offer solutions. It is about delivery points, solutions available to everyone but not everyone knows. But can these solutions serve new fast-growing brands with Shopify stores?

What are the delivery points in ecommerce?

These are premises or even automated cabinets located near our homes, in the urbanizations, etc. They have extensive hours and where you can pick up the package when it suits you.

The advantage for the customer is evident, it is no longer necessary to be aware of the delivery, but at the time it occurs the customer is notified with an SMS or email.

What are the main delivery points?


They consist of automatic cabinets in which the transport service deposits the packages and, after notifying the delivery to the client, it accesses it by means of a number that it receives in the mobile or a barcode that can be scanned.

Amazon Lovers are located in shops or stores that have wide opening hours, such as gas stations. Currently there are 200 lockers in Spain spread over 50 cities. Amazon confirms that this number will be “expanding progressively.” They can also be found at street level and logically, available 24 hours a day.


This service is offered by Correos that plays a double letter, by offering its offices as a collection point for the largest ecommerce, but at the same time has created its own delivery and collection point packages called CityPaq.

The operation is very similar to that of Amazon Locker: it is automatic cabinets in which the user enters his code (or uses a reader) for the collection as for the return of packages.

Correos has limited the service to an associated ecommerce network, at least for the moment; but it allows you to use the service for any package delivery outside of the associated stores, using a unique code that the user receives once he has registered. To collect, just know this code and the CityPaq address of your city.

The post model seems to me too complex, although they insist that they have tried it and it works.


These services organized directly by the logistics companies and where they pay a small commission to the “intermediary” that collects the package, are also a good alternative.

UPS acquired Kiala to offer its customers this possibility. Crowds of tobacconists, bookstores and other businesses with a wide schedule are Kiala points. Seur has a similar network under the brand Pickup and Celeritas does the same with a network of own points for delivery and collection of packages.


If you get along well with your neighbors, this alternative is a good option. Some online stores allow us to use the neighbor’s address as a second option. In this way the messenger tries to deliver the package in our house and if no one can try it on our neighbor’s. Amazon has long given this possibility to their customers.

Do you give these possibilities to the customers of your Shopify store?